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This is OCI newsletter #6.

Let's talk about Regions, Availability Domains and Fault Domains this week! And a bit about networking.

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New Features

A new region was just released in Tokyo, Japan for OCI. New region is called ap-tokyo-1 and you can see full list of regions from here.

I had a good discussion about this and the second newest region in Canada, ca-toronto-1. Both regions have currently only one Availability Domain so you need to take this into account if you plan on using them and have possible requirement to use multiple ADs in the future.

You can find documentation and best practices which mention you should always design for Availability Domain failure and if that's not possible then at least use different Fault Domains where hardware and infrastructure is grouped into different domains within Availability Domain.

AWS has always two or more Availability Zones in their regions. Perhaps Oracle could follow the same so there is no confusion when planning which region to use?

If you then design for region failure this adds another level of complexity due to how services are build and how services can be shared within regions versus ADs. But sometimes this is required by your business as well!

Blogs & News

Did you see the four pillars of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? And did you know AWS has five pillars for their Well-Architected Framework?

And actually Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security is based on seven pillars! It's all about pillars nowadays.

Seriously though, these pillars are really good to guide even smaller companies building secure and reliable solutions. Just remember to give them a look at least! I also like Oracle has jumped to promote openness within OCI, could it guide some new customers to OCI as well in the long run?

You can now use Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform with Oracle Cloud. It's a software-defined-networking solution which can provide network virtualization to cloud and data centers. They even made a nice whitepaper which goes into detail of the whole setup.

An open source project to provide authorization in cloud native environments, Speedle. It can handle complex dynamic policies and one of the use cases involves using it with Kubernetes. Go check project's home page!

Here is also a guide if you need to transfer Windows images in OCI between regions or tenancies as they can't be exported like Linux images.

Tip of the week

Cool OCI lab for developers using Packer and Git. In the lab you get to build a custom image in your tenancy utilizing Packer.

What I see in many of these labs is you build the basic networking yourself. Wouldn't it be nice if you would just run the OCI resource manager package to have it pre-build? But I guess it's good to do VCN setup yourself so you get basics for that as well!


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