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This is OCI newsletter #7, this weeks newsletter covers new limited availability services, couple interesting blog posts and a nice OCI tip from Philip Brown.

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New Features

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Events service was announced, yet only with limited availability.

So that means you can't really use it and it's coming at some point in the future. It also integrates with Oracle Functions, Oracle Streaming and Oracle Notifications. Oracle Functions is another service which is still limited availability, I kind of like this release approach on announcing all new services to be available somewhere in time!

You can now use Oracle Management Cloud to monitor your Autonomous Databases and they included a detailed setup guide as well. I think this is great, not just if you have used OMC for monitoring earlier, but the fact they are integrating more and more services to work together.

I'm hoping Notifications service would start to be integrated together with different services as well. That way it could be essential part on building new services and would send information on different topics to subscribers, whether it be a person or another service.

Terraform OCI provider release 3.24.1 is out. Just few small fixes where one is for an error if you have modified your security lists outside Terraform.

If you provision infrastructure with Terraform you should have a policy that modifications can't be done manually! Sometimes it's tempting to go out and test your change quickly but those changes come easily burden if they are left there and not tracked at all.

This can be easily restricted with IAM policies as well in OCI.

You can now import custom Windows VM images and run them in paravirtualized mode. There is a list of supported Windows versions which can be imported to OCI as well as specific image requirements, be sure to check these before starting imports.

Blogs & News

Here is short guide how to provision an Autonomous Database, it really is that simple! I think the benefits then come when you link it to some existing service you are running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, perhaps servers using auto scaling or similar.

Interesting post about OpenFaas together with Oracle Kubernets Engine. There will be a second post to that topic later on where you can see how to use OpenFaas and build a service. Now we just need to wait and see how the Functions service works compared to this.

Post about using OCI CLI together with Object Storage restricted buckets. Perhaps the actual use case isn't something what comes up every day but it's a really good example of using advanced policies and creating OCI CLI RC file. You don't always need exactly same use case you have a problem with to get new ideas!

Tip of the week

This weeks usability tip comes from Philip Brown, Head of Oracle Cloud Services @DSP.

"When you’re using Service Gateway then I like the way that you can use the three dots to quick block or allow access to that gateway. Also that the destination services can be specified with human readable names and specified for one or a number of gateway services. Super easy to use and intuitive. "


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