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This is OCI newsletter #8, happy Friday folks! Kubecon + CloudNativeCon EU was held in Barcelona this week, Oracle was present there as well. Surprising?

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New Features

You can now use BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) with VPN Connect (AKA IPSec VPN). When did they rename IPSec VPN to VPN Connect? Anyway now you have option to use static routing or dynamic routing with BGP. When you configure the IPSec tunnels the routing is configured per tunnel so depending on your configuration you can have static and BGP at the same time on different tunnels.

Service Broker for Kubernetes in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which makes accessing or utilizing OCI services easier during deployment. Current adapters include services such as ATP / ADW Databases, Object Storage and Streaming with additional ones coming later.

Terraform 0.12 is finally out! Personally I think this is huge news and in the long run it will help everyone using Terraform to build better infrastructure solutions. Unfortunately OCI provider doesn't support it yet, which I find odd as OCI Terraform team has been pushing out releases on a weekly base but somehow v0.12 was not on the radar. Monitor this git issue to see when the issue is resolved and provider supports v0.12.

New OCI Terraform release 3.26.0 supports the earlier mentioned BGP addition and also some new data sources to list resources.

Support for Oracle Java SE is now included without additional cost if you run it from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Blogs & News

Autonomous Database for Dummies! Go get your copy. You can see autonomous mentioned few times in the PDF, actually total of 115 times. Gives a good overview though!

Here are couple of Oracle related presentations from earlier mentioned Kubecon + CloudNativeCon!

Kaslin Fields, Solution Architect from Oracle tells how Containers are like cookies in this lightning talk.

Vice President of Developer Relations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Bob Quillin, talks in this keynote How to build a bigger tent for your Cloud Native community. Here is also a wrap up of the speech in a post.

And an interesting panel discussion including several startups and how they scale in the cloud: Democratizing HPC and AI.

It's great that Oracle is pushing more towards open source and cloud native services AND being active in the communities. I think this kind of ground work is really needed for people to start adapting to OCI and to it's services.

Enough about Kubecon, still few other blog posts to go.

Here is a guide how to connect SQL Developer from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to ATP database. To connect use the latest Oracle Cloud Developer image, the latest one has Java SE 11 and 12 included.

Richard's OCI Manager for IPhone version 1.7. You can now start and stop your VM's with it and it supports new regions as well.

Tip of the week

I happened to stumble on issue with OCI block volume resizing where the block volume attachment doesn't get re-created. However what I found great is the suggested workaround by using partly dynamic naming to force recreation of the attachment. If you have some similar case it's a good idea to play around with this kind of naming and see what possibilities it gives you!


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