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This is OCI newsletter #2. This week started slow but eventually we got some announcements!

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New Features

Data Caching Cloud Service will be available during later this year. To put it simply it's a Redis-as-a-service in OCI. You can determine on which Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN) Redis will be provisioned and create up to four read replicas in the same region where the master is running.

  • Notice they are announcing support for monitoring, SDK's, API's, CLI and Terraform right away for this service. If they are available once the service goes live that's how it should be done!
  • Having services like these will eventually make Oracle a cloud provider where you can provision your complete solution footprint without limitations. Services like notifications, data caching services, streaming and monitoring all make it possible to deploy modern architectures.
Terraform OCI release 3.21.0 is out! This release brings support for additional db_homes/databases in baremetal systems. I'm hoping this supports Exadata as you have been able to create only the initial database in Exadata with Terraform but then had to deploy new databases either via console or dbaasapi.

Oracle Cloud Developer image for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is available. Now you can provision image with all necessary OCI tools available from the OCI Marketplace without need to download and do the image setup yourself!

Blogs & News

Whitepaper on deploying APEX on OCI with Terraform. I find these extremely useful to look at as it's good to see people more clever than me doing advanced Terraform scripts and use them as an example.

The whitepaper is located on the OCI technical resources page which has plenty of good examples to read on and get idea how Oracle recommends on deploying different solutions.

Blog post from Richard Garsthagen on Importing VMware Windows instances with paravirtualized drivers to speed up your Windows virtual machines.

I and bunch of people got a question about OCI Resource Manager on what kind of Git integration we would like to have. The current Resource Manager is good for demoing purposes but outside that it's still a very early version and lacks of depth in my opinion. Integration with Git and possibility to deploy to different environments would be a huge step forward for this service!

Tip of the week

If you use Oracle Linux images on OCI the oci-utils package is automatically installed. They have some handy tools to perform some additional configuration in your instances!


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