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Did you miss me? There seriously hasn't been hardly anything wrote writing about so I decided to hold on for few weeks.

These were super cool in my opinion!

OCI for AWS Professionals

OCI for Azure Professionals

Kudos for whoever came up with the idea, these help whenever you start discussing with people who have only experience with Azure or AWS.

What's new?

Well this isn't really new but I thought I'd raise this here as it's important to understand - good comparison between vCPUs and OCPUs. Each time I discuss about OCPUs I still go to documentation and verify I have it correct!
Network Visualizer has some updates and supports new DRGv2 features. Have you used Visualizer already and has it helped you to analyze your setup further?
OS Management Service has new monitoring capabilities for specific services like Tomcat, Weblogic, Apache etc.
But this is actually big new feature! Autonomous Database Shared supports cross-region Data Guard now! Earlier you only could do it inside Region but now you have capability to do it over Regions.

From technical perspective I understand why we need to do VCN peering so Data Guard works but since this is cloud, couldn't this be done via Oracle backplane as well in some way! Like the block volume cross-region replication. Just throwing it out there.

Blogs & News

OS Management Service came out already long time ago so it's nice to see some posts and updates on it. It's not just the patching anymore!
Not too many posts on containers in OCI but here's a post about scanning, signing and verification.
Here's a-team post on Disaster Recovery solution for Cloud Native Application. Topic is great but I wish they would've written about it in more detail, there's lot more apart from Autonomous so would have been good to see it.

And how do you failover with Autonomous etc. Steps are good to see always!
Cloud Guard has lot of CIS related alerts / recipes, you can monitor your tenancy against those CIS benchmarks as well! Remember few issues back we had CIS landing zone template from Oracle as well.
Remember how you can easily get OCI metadata using curl?


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