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This announcement this week certainly caught me by surprise! Oracle announced ALL OCI learning is free AND certifications as well until end of this year.

I think this is another great move by the team managing OCI training & certifications. Obviously it's great initiative to get people on using OCI, but I would argue also it will raise the overall knowledge people have in OCI. Which also leads to better overall decisions when working with OCI, I like it a lot!

What's new?

Small but really useful OCI Resource Manager updates:

Initially I wasn't really excited on Resource Manager but all the updates and features they are introducing - unless you have strong in-house workflow you might be better off with using RMS and building your provisioning pipeline around it.
New release for Database Management! Now you can schedule your SQL jobs to be run on specific time BUT the biggest thing here is that you can finally add OCI databases (VM, Baremetal, ExaCS) to it in addition to Autonomous or External Databases.

This has been one of the features I've been waiting on for long time, it's one of the key features which has been missing when you jump into OCI. I'm also testing this service now and should hopefully have a blog post on this fairly soon!

Official announcement post here.
OSOK is now available! This is the OCI Service Operator for Kubernetes. You can manage OCI resources through Kubernetes API now with this open source plugin. Currently it supports Autonomous and MySQL Databases and OCI Streaming Service.
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is now available in OCI. It enables you to sign email and verify the authenticity of that domain.
KSplice updates can now be managed through OS Management Service for Oracle Linux and Oracle Autonomous Linux.

Official post goes into details and has another new feature, Autonomous DB monitoring is now integrated in OCI as well with OS Management Service.
This will be helpful feature for debugging - OCI Cloud Shell is integrated with Compute Serial Console Connections. Makes connecting to them easy!

Blogs & News

Megaport is now integrated with OCI Console, so if you're creating new FastConnect connection with Megaport it should be fairly straightforward!
You can also use DBMS_CLOUD package to query your external table in Object Storage from on-premises DB. Ron has written a post on it.
Martin goes into detail on deploying I/O intensive workloads in Cloud: ASM.
Here's a handy A-team post on OCI Load Balancer Rule Set and Routing policies.
This is from the Oracle documentation: Configuring Private DNS on OCI. Thought it was a good and useful read if you need to work with Private DNS.
There's a webinar next week on migrating databases to cloud, good topic & speaker!


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