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Wow sorry! Three weeks went fast and I honestly didn't feel like writing the newsletter as there weren't that many features coming out lately.

I've been also tied up with some cool Autonomous Database Dedicated work, plan writing a post on that later on.

Have you seen all the free stuff what Oracle has for developers?

What's new?

Let's start with all the database updates! Exadata X9M came out and while it's only out for Cloud @ Customer and on-premises now I would expect it will be soon for OCI as well.

Specs are available on the OCI documentation already. Huge improvements (again!)!
Autonomous Database by default supports mTLS (mutual TLS), now you can configure it to use also TLS. There are some network requirements if you plan to do so, reading documentation on this will help to see what needs to be done.
Huge improvement, you can change the console session timeout for users. Unless you are one of those who wants to set it to 5 minutes..
Shielded Instances - these are available for BM and VM shapes and harden the firmware security on the instances for any malicious boot level activity. There are different features available with some restrictions/limitations how they can be used.
This sounds like a nice, new feature! Ansible support for OCI Resource Manager, with this you can run Ansible through your local-exec in Terraform.

Supposedly it only supports instances with public connectivity so that's still a limitation for many.
API Gateway and OCI Functions both now support Network Security Groups. No link, you just need to believe in this.
Friendly formatting is now supported for Alert messages.

Here are some more details in the official announcement.

Blogs & News

I did the OCI Professional Architect exam recently, very easy process with the new Oracle registration/exam platform! Some reflections available, it's a good exam to learn OCI deeper than just basics.
Have you worked much with OCI Streaming? This article has some details on setting it up and working with Streaming.
Here is a handy guide, if you have multiple OCI tenancies then how to setup single sign-on for all of them? Now if there would be just some consolidated way to manage multiple tenancies..
A-Team has a post about naming and tagging. Excellent to see more focus on tagging as it helps a lot if you do it properly from the start!
Another A-Team post on API Gateway routes, quick and easy!
Remember OCI Landing Zone, now you have an example how to use that and deploy Exadata Cloud Service on it.
Custom Log Consolidation using OCI Logging Service.


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