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Quiet weeks but we finally got some new things and good improvements as well!

New Region in Israel! I saw Oracle rooting that this is also first major Cloud Region available there. Yay!

Data Labeling Service is now available, some new features for Vulnerability Scanning and Data Migration Service supports non-autonomous targets!

Oracle Dev.O has picked up with tutorials, I like that they've started producing new content available to learn stuff. Here's the link to those. One could argue if they picked cool name for their site or not?

One continuing complaint what I have lately are the new layouts for OCI Blogs and A-team pages, I feel like I'm missing huge amount of content as you can't find posts which somebody has linked. I heard they are working on those pages so hopefully we see some future improvements soon!

What's new?

Data Labeling Service helps you with your AI or ML projects, you can identify properties (labels) to your data which help on those projects. Waiting to see how this service starts being used with different solutions.
I really like the new features for Database Migration, right now when they added other destinations apart from Autonomous it starts being more appealing for many to use as standard way to do migrations to OCI. Maybe not there yet (I mainly think it will need Data Guard support), but definitely worth starting to consider for each case.

Also, new possibilities to exclude objects which is great! Would be great to have indexes there as an option too.

More automation and standardized path, easier work for everyone!
For Vulnerability Scanning, there's a new API which you can use to list vulnerabilities in host and container targets.
MySQL Service has added outbound replication which let's you create asynchronous replicas for your MySQL database.

Blogs & News

There's a new A-team post on Networking with Observability & Management Service, this time covering how you use Events & Notifications Service when change occurs which you want to get notified on.
Jeffrey writes how you use database links with Autonomous Dedicated, highly useful! I commented on twitter that in case destination uses non-standard port apart from 1521, you will need support to open some internal firewalls. He kindly confirmed, that will be fixed in the near future which is great!
Martin writes about Oracle Live Labs and why they are great for learning, the quality and amount of good content with OCI has gone sky high in the past year.
Remember the changes with Autonomous Database allowing non-mTLS connections as well? Here's an official post on explaining that.
Julian writes about SQL Trace and X-ADG on Autonomous Database. Do you know what X-ADG is?
Nice video from Glen Hawkins on MAA with Hybrid cloud and Multicloud deployments.
Did you know there are different ways to authenticate with OCI CLI? At least three like you can see from this post.
Richard has written awesome post on direct console access on OCI Windows instance from the OCI Console.

Not only that, same for Linux.
Guide on using Bastion Service and managing your resources with OCI CLI.


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