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Really interesting new features this week! Certificates service is now available which enables you to provision your own certificates in OCI, in addition there is update to WAF where it supports OCI Load Balancers and finally new features to OCI DevOps Service.

I published my OCI network checklist as well, let me know if you see something missing or think something could be improved and I'll get it updated.

What's new?

With Certificates Service you can create and maintain certificates, certificate authorities (CAs) and CA bundles. I did a quick initial test and provisioned CA & certificate which I then applied on OCI Load Balancer. Very easy process overall, hoping I see some use cases for it in the future in the projects!

Official post describing the service can be found from here.
Couple important updates to DevOps Service. First one might sound non-important but it actually is crucial for your pipelines! DevOps Service now has repositories available which enable you to store your code in private repository or connect to external repositories in Gitlab or Github.

Another interesting feature, Build Pipelines is now available. It contains stages for your pipeline to successfully complete. I haven't had a chance to test it out yet but Lucas outlines the features here nicely.
WAF protection on Flexible Load Balancers is now out! This is good enhancement for the WAF service as you can now "attach" it to a Flexible private or public Load Balancer. When you enforce WAF protection on your Load Balancer it further enhances the secure posture of your LB.

Official post describing the feature is here.
Exadata Insights provides monitoring capabilities to your Exadata Databases. You must setup bridge with Oracle Enterprise Manager and only the those Exadata's can be monitored which are connected to Enterprise Manager.

Official post describing the feature is here.

Blogs & News

Lucas has another, very detailed post on Automated Cloud Native Application deployment to OCI. Give it a read! This and the other posts around OCI DevOps Service are really valuable if you plan on starting to use them.
I wrote a post on using DNS forwarding to OCI and how to set it up in multiple Regions. It gives you the tools to start setting the DNS up but you still need to set automation to have it running smoothly in case of a disaster.
Field-level encryption with Integration and OCI Vault.
Sinus writes how to take advantage of the new DBCS 19c feature on OCI where you can convert your non-PDB DB to a PDB.


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