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Happy Friday! I'll just start by saying thanks for reading the newsletter! We're almost on the #100 issue so it's been great journey so far and let's hope for many more!

I'm really excited on the new certification what Oracle came out now, OCI Security 2021 Associate. And as usual, the learning path is completely free! There's also 17 hours of learning content which I have been looking on, the overall quality of the classes have been improving past couple years a lot, and this also still free content! I usually watch videos first and then go through the documentation (which is well written too), so there's easy ways to keep on learning.

Some new services as well to study on.. Organizations, DB Tools and Identity Domains! Let's look on those. I remember Oracle announcing that with every new feature they will have official announcement post on the cloud infrastructure blog page, just can't find those anymore with the new layout. Just disappointing Oracle!

What's new?

Database Tools is new service which integrates directly with OCI Databases and isn't that cool! This in my opinion, should be what cloud services are about. You have tools which directly integrate with services and make using them easier.

Since the official announcement is lost in the OCI blogs page, I think this post from Jeff Smith has details listed out nicely.

Congrats to the team launching this!
OCI Organizations allows you to group different tenancies under one umbrella, one tenancy being the parent tenancy and child tenancies under it. Right now, the benefits are more on the billing side but probably in the future we would see some features to IAM as well.

Main features right now; multi-tenancy cost management, isolation of data between tenancies (you still have IAM policies) and single commitment for all tenancies helping to keep costs under control.
OCI IAM has now some of the capabilities what IDCS used to have, there are now multiple IAM Domain Types available for you to choose from as well. Free, Apps, Apps Premium, Premium and External - these all have different feature sets which will help you to configure your IAM Domains as you need to.

Some can benefit with integration with Oracle SaaS services for example and other even with e-Business Suite running on OCI.

Blogs & News

Sinan has nice post on which licensing options there available in the cloud. Also, what's interesting is how would you scale up when you don't have enough licenses with your BYOL model and what to do in those cases. Something to think of!
This was cool post on using Ansible with OCI Resource Manager! One doubt I've had with Resource Manager Ansible support has been that it only supports public endpoints. Now there seems to be a way to use Bastion Service to work around that.

Maybe not ideal way but still shows you can get around the limitation there currently is!
Martin writes about moving old stuff (Oracle 11g) to the cloud. One noticeable thing is that you can still provision 11g DBCS! Not sure how long it will be available but it's an option. And at what point that option will disappear for us? And how it impacts existing 11g DBCS instances..
Oracle Developer page has some pretty useful tutorials to start with. Navigation is quite nice overall on the page too so it's easy to go through different content!


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