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After latest newsletter with Database Tools and Identity Domains, there has been plenty of smaller updates for OCI. I'll go through the ones which I feel are important and leave rest for you to find out! :)

Speaking of Identity Domains, it was announced three weeks back but all we see is that new fancy login screen? Coming soon? WHEN?

You still have time to get certified, for free! OCI Certifications are free until end of the year, apparently there is an update coming for the learning content for OCI Developer certification early this month. Watch out for it!

If you haven't noticed, Prasenjit Sarkar has published a book; Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Solution Architects. I was lucky enough to receive a copy, and will be reading it soon as well!


What's new?

Network Visualizer version 2.0 is out! They've added bunch of features in it so it supports two modes, security and routing. You can list subnet inventory and all kind of smaller details which is great!
Performance Hub has now Exadata tab! You can get insights and statistics of your external OR Exadata Cloud Service database. This is an important update as earlier with ExaCS, you haven't gotten much statistics out with Enteprise Manager.

Official announcement is here.
Two new Cloud Advisor categories, performance and high availability. Always good to get more recommendations, remember to advice people to use them. That's the first step!
Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 5.29.20 PM
FastConnect now supports MACsec encryption. This provides network-to-network encryption with Layer 2 connections. There are some requirements, such as 10Gbps connection minimum so be sure to check those out.

Official announcement which goes deeper is here.
There's a new version of Cloud Cost Estimator! It's supposedly better and has faster response time overall. One thing people noticed, you can't add storage yet to DBCS costs.
Small update but I found it huge! MySQL supports now IAM authentication, more we get integration with OCI IAM - easier it becomes to manage authentication in certain cases. It doesn't help you everywhere but I think this is good in the long run.
Roving Edge Infrastructure now has a Cluster Station. You can manage 15-30 Roving Edge devices with a connected Layer 2 switch. Would love to see these in use somewhere.

Blogs & News

Huge topic, naming conventions! Martin writes about importance of good naming convention.

Even if you have your own tenancy, I would just try to follow some simple naming convention so it becomes a habit.
Sometimes you need the OS access from your Autonomous Database. Julian has a post on how that's possible.
I wrote a post on cloning OCI DBCS PDB with Terraform and Ansible. Just shows what all you can do with simple automation!

Let me know if you have any feedback on it or have some different use cases, would love to hear them!
Another post, remember some time ago Oracle released Mongo API for Autonomous Database in OCI? I took the feature out for a test drive.
Martin Bach writes about configuring a VM with Ansible and using Bastion Service. Pretty cool automation.
Lucas has bunch of posts on interesting OCI services like Pipeline, DevOps etc. I'm just going to list his company's blog page here so you can browse yourself!
Important post on how to switch on using the new DRGv2 and updating your connectivity.
Here's an official post on OCI Database Management supporting Autonomous Databases. I recently started using Database Management for one of my projects and it's pretty useful, you can setup normal alerting with DB metrics as well!
There's a new and improved way to access Autonomous Database and SQL Developer Web. Did you know about this?


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