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Just in time for holiday, we're on issue #99 for OCI newsletter already! Wow!

We've seen few nice features coming out, scheduling feature for Autonomous Database, cross-region clones for Autonomous Database, MySQL DB Storage Scaling and AWR Hub for Autonomous Databases. Read more on those below.

Next week I'll be running my top 5 OCI features of the year series, what's my YouTube channel for short videos on those!

And happy holidays to all readers, we'll continue on the second week of 2022 with issue #100 with a BANG! Always appreciate any feedback on the newsletter, if you see something stated wrong, let me know!

What's new?

Autonomous Database (Shared) supports authentication now through OCI IAM. This is fantastic for some specific use cases! More integration with authentication through OCI IAM makes managing your access easier, if designed properly of course.

Just more focus needed on the IAM design so you don't give too wide policies to all users..

Also ADB-S supports now cross-region cloning! Limiting factor in my opinion with Autonomous Database right now is, the complicated operational aspect of using it. Either how to migrate to Autonomous easily, or how you do your day-to-day work with it (cloning etc.). So this really improves it.
MySQL Service supports online scaling of storage. Similarly with Database Cloud Service & Exadata Cloud Service (ok maybe ExaCS isn't totally the same thing), you can add storage as online operation.
AWR Hub let's you consolidate and store AWR data from your Autonomous Databases.

I really like these improvements which are coming out for performance data, one thing to note here is that your database needs to have Diagnostics Pack license and you need to use Operation Insights service (and pay for it). Sort of obvious requirements but when documentation says you need to be licensed, it might set some people off!

Official post on the feature is here.
OCI Search supports wildcards now, which means, you can search for all instances in specific subnet for example.
Provisioning Autonomous Database Dedicated now starts with same setup as provisioning Exadata Cloud Service, you first provision Exadata Infrastructure and then Autonomous VM Cluster. They mention in the documentation that somewhere in the future you can provision mixed clusters which would be super cool!

Official post on the feature is here.
New Billing Tools available: Subscriptions, Invoices and Payment History when you go to Billing & Cost Management.
You can create dimensions now from OCI Logging data when sending logs as metrics to OCI Monitoring Service.
General Availability of OCI DevOps Service CI features. I *think* these features came out already earlier, but I haven't used the service so much that I'd be on top of it. All in all, service keeps getting updates so will be interesting to see how it gets adapted!
Let's put the coolest feature of this week last, scheduling of Autonomous Database Shared start & stop! This is really cool feature for lower environments where you can shutdown database when not used.

I really wish there would be global scheduling tool available natively for OCI (or any other cloud). Force shutdown of services for certain compartments/tags/whatever.
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Don't we just love the Support button on the right?

Blogs & News

Sinan continues his excellent blog post series, this time about database backups. The comment on backups I have is that the automatic backups have way too short retention time. I don't want to create scripts to take whatever format of backup to store it longer than 60 or 90 days, this should be a feature that if I want my backup to be stored for three years, tooling would support it automatically.

He also has another piece on restoring DBCS VM backups to another Availability Domain. Great stuff!
Here's an Oracle post on designing VCN and subnets. It gives good basics on how to do design, I'd argue on the statement: "Customers typically assign a /16 which is the maximum address space allowed" I really see more on assigning proper /24 or /25 VCNs now without overly using /16 for VCN, who would really need it in real life?


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