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We're back! Seems like I'm repeating mysef but after #100 we really didn't have many new features coming out.. and after that I got tied up with work so had to pass few weeks.

OCI released Dashboards Service some weeks back, if you're frequent OCI user the standard dashboard might not have been so useful. Now you can customize it with widgets to your liking and have it as default after login. Extremely useful!

Also check out Threat Intelligence, Dashboard and OCI Vision services from the What's new section.

You still have time to do free certifications until end of the month! Rohit has written guidance if you plan to take the OCI Security certification, really fun exam in my opinion!

What's new?

OCI Vision service is designed to provide you with deep learning-based, prebuilt, and custom computer vision models and it can identify and locate specific data from the objects that are provided for it.

Official announcement here.

Documentation link here.
For specific announcement towards my OCI tenancy, I've been usually looking them from the Console or from the emails I might have gotten. If you use the new Announcement Service, it gives you more granularity on configuring specific announcements to specific group of users through specific channels.

If you think normal tenancy setup, we might focus on setting up users/groups/policies and obviously our resources but things like notifications/tagging etc. are critical in the long run.

Official announcement here.
OCI Dashboards Service let's you create visualizations on different areas like billing, logging and resource data and create multiple dashboards which are then visible either for you or for groups of users.

Official announcement here.

Documentation link here.

This is another free service, I really like that services which help you to organize and manage resources are mostly free and not have hidden costs in them.
Threat Intelligence allows you to search info about known threat indicators, you need to enable Cloud Guard to get full benefits of the service.

I've not used the service yet but would like to see how it integrates with your services. Does it create Cloud Guard alerts in some way if your services are compromised?

Documentation link here.
Exadata Cloud Service give you now option to specify Data Guard type, you can choose between Active Data Guard and standard Data Guard. You can also change the Data Guard association later on from standard to Active if needed.
OCI Functions maximum memory has been raised from 1GB to 2GB.
New workshop alert! Developing Cloud Native Applications in OCI. Take a look on this, I feel this has excellent content to go through and get comfortable with actual development using OCI services available.

Blogs & News

A-Team has a really comprehensive post on OCI Private DNS. Definitely worth on spending few minutes on reading it!
Our friends at Eclipsys have written nice article about OCI Database Migration Service. Good step-by-step guide on how the logical online migration using Golden Gate works.
How to manage and move your on-premises backups to OCI Object Storage using CommVault.

Recently I got tasked to clean up some Object Storage buckets from implementation and found around 120TB of files (mainly backups) just stored in Object Storage. If you're unsure if you can delete the files, at least setup some lifecycle rules to move files to archive!
Here's a guide to setup OCI Email Delivery service and send emails!

I have an old post on configuring OCI ExaCS to send emails with OCI Email Delivery Service too. If you've done it lately and see something that has changed, let me know!
Here's A-Team post on reference architecture on configuring 3rd party firewall on OCI. I usually see some configuration of virtual firewall on OCI implementations on 90% of projects, would be nice to see something where Oracle partners up and offers this as a service with some integration with DRGv2.


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