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This is OCI newsletter #3. Third Friday when you are reading this newsletter!

Current week was very slow with OCI new features or news in general.

Last time when OCI was updated they introduced new language options for console which I predicted might create issues. Perhaps now they need to translate all new features first which takes some time!

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New Features

Nice article about using regional subnets and load balancers to achieve high availability. Some time ago Oracle introduced regional subnets where your subnet can span across multiple availability domains. This makes some features like auto scaling lot easier for customers to manage!

At the same article they introduced regional private load balancers. Now you are not limited to single point of failure anymore if you use private subnets, which many customers are.

On somewhat older feature the console now supports multi-factor authentication. Good policy is to enable this at least for the native admin account and if possible handle rest of the accounts with a federation to your company's active directory. This way you don't need to manually deal with user creation in the console.

Terraform OCI provider 3.22.0 was released with few corrections to existing features. I wonder when we can start testing OCI provider with Terraform 0.12 beta? Hashicorp has a good summary of 0.12 features on their page.

Blogs & News

Article on basics of traffic management with Oracle's DNS service. There is a good picture which gives an overview what kind of policies you can set with the DNS service to route traffic. For example you might want to use traffic management if you are migrating into OCI and slowly direct traffic to OCI.

Blog post from Rodrigo Jorge on forcing IP address for private load balancer. What's really cool is that you get all these different problems with cloud services and people come up with creative ideas to work around them!

Finally a video from Oracle Learning Library on how to import your Virtualbox VM to OCI as a custom compute instance.

Tip of the week

UK company DSP is hosting an online webinar on why you should move from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic to OCI. If you are still using OCI-C might be worth checking this! I think everyone would like to get out from OCI-C..


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