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Few weeks have gone by and we're back with some new content overall. There's content for the new DevOps exam which I'm really eager to take in few weeks after doing some prepping based on the exam blueprint.

There's also Pi day on 3/14 (or 14th of March..) so TODAY!! ..which seems like interesting take from Oracle to have more interaction with developers. If you haven't yet, go ahead and get registered! There are topics around gaming, analytics, full-stack development etc.! What I saw, plenty of hands-on labs and demos as well.

I was asked to promote this event and I think Oracle is doing fantastic job on increasing the involvement with developers so this is something I'm happy to do! Going to attend myself as well.

What's new?

Speech service is available! You can convert audio files to readable JSON files using it. I took a quick try on it and it's fairly straightforward to use, make sure you create supported audio files only.

Here's the official announcement.
Good and important DRG update for OCI Networking, you can import VCN or Subnet CIDR to routes from VCN attachments.
Couple MySQL Service updates!

You can create asynchronous replication channel for High Availability configuration for more advanced configurations and easier disaster recovery and live migration setup.

Restore MySQL database to smaller shape when you restore from backups, if you have a backup from your production database, you don't necessarily need to go with same shape anymore.

Finally, you can enable and disable High Availability for your database.
I mentioned the new billing features few weeks back, here's an official introduction how you take most out from those. Remember the updates where around Subscriptions, Invoices and Payment History.
This definitely looks like a new feature which I've missed! Cross-tenancy IAM policies.

With those policies, you can give access to another group from another tenancy to your resources. So far, I managed to see reference with Object Storage only for these. So maybe this feature is not out fully yet?

Blogs & News

OCI Cloud Adoption Framework gets an update! This framework and included best practices makes life a lot easier when you start designing system or you evaluate how the existing setup is.

Credits for Oracle for putting this out there! Security standards and the new Enterprise Scale Baseline Landing Zone are excellent additions!
Handy way to get complete folders uploaded to Object Storage! Every now and then you get some task where you need to things like this, it'll be good to find somebody has figured out a way to do it so you can then just adjust for your liking.
My former colleague Chris writes about replicating and backing up OCI Vault secrets. He has handy example on how to replicate secrets to another Region. I've done something similar with CLI but nothing as fancy as this!

Should we have this as standard feature from OCI side though?
Richard has made an update to his absolutely fantastic AutoScale script! I've used it in multiple tenancies (and forced people to use it!) to better manage resource consumption.

It's really low effort to set up, only think how you force/suggest people to use tags afterwards.


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