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There's significant amount of new smaller features which have been added in the past few weeks. I wanted to pull DevOps service additions as one important one since it adds good overall capability to the service.

I've been also studying for the new DevOps Professional certificate so it's been interesting to see what you can do with the service! Sadly, the DevOps service lab what you can do, doesn't seem to run right now without fixing something in it.

If you didn't notice the new Zero Downtime Migration 21.3 which came out some time ago, I wrote three different blog posts on it. Looking on setting up database cloning, data guard migration or Autonomous Database migration with it. If you're interested in ZDM, go read the posts and let me know if you liked them!

Let's not forget, Exadata infrastructure on Cloud@Customer gets support for mixing VM clusters between Autonomous and "normal" VM clusters. Huge!

What's new?

DevOps Service adds following features:

Blue-Green deployment and Canary deployment strategies. Both support instance group and OKE deployments.

If you haven't heard about these earlier, Blue-Green is when you have two different set of versions of environments running, sort of active-standby, and once you're ready, you will switch from active to standby.

What's the advantage you can think of when using Blue-Green deployment?

Canary deployment is when you you slowly shift your traffic from primary to canary deployment, you validate that subset of your users/traffic works without issues and can then finalize deployment by moving all the traffic against canary deployment.

Official post on explaining these strategies is here.

Another important update: DevOps now supports Private OKE endpoints, as it should.
Some VMware updates for OCI. The File System service is now supported with your VMware clusters.

OCI VMware Service also adds support for Notification Service. This is good addon! More overall integration we get with native OCI services, the better. Notifications work with SDDC and bare metal ESXi instances.
Two updates to FastConnect - you don't need to terminate your existing Virtual Circuits on OCI side if you want to re-establish the BGP peering sessions. Similarly, you can add Bidirectional Forwarding Detection to new and existing FastConnect connections.
For Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure, you can mix Autonomous and normal Exadata VM clusters! This is just huge announcement and will (hopefully for Oracle) drive the Autonomous adoption forward. Hopefully this same feature comes out soon for Exadata infrastructure on OCI.

For me, right now it's hard to justify the price of a single Autonomous Dedicated Infrastructure unless you have a very specific use case. Mixing the VM clusters, gives you option not only run your traditional workloads in an isolated environment, but also use Autonomous in the same infrastructure and potentially saving up some costs as well!

In the post linked, Oracle goes through some of the reason from their perspective why this is great. Once option to have multiple VM clusters comes available on OCI, it will also simplify just normal Exadata deployments for many customers. Just to separate your non-prod workloads as well.
For Functions, you can now create repositories in other than root compartments. This should have been there from the start in my opinion, maybe it was limited from technical perspective but managing something on your root compartment always creates extra trouble and worries.

Blogs & News

Here are my recent write-ups on Zero Downtime Migration. It's an excellent tool to simplify your migration to OCI or even to Exadata. I've been just amazed on the overall quality of the tool!

ZDM for cloning (or physical offline migration)

ZDM with Data Guard (physical online migration)

ZDM to migrate your database to Autonomous and using CPAT to discover any issues.
Here are few upcoming features from the recent OCI Live event. Improvements for OKE, Storage, VM's etc. For example, Storage autoscaling is coming!
There's a great interview about MySQL Heatwave from Screaming in the Cloud podcast. If you want to hear more on it, go give it a listen! (and subscribe the newsletter, which is way bigger than this one!)
Go watch this YouTube video on Dynamic Routing Gateway, if you want to understand OCI network and how routing works (and failover between Regions), this 45 minutes is well spent time! It starts from the basics and moves to more complex use cases towards the end.

I sometimes have hard time watching longer videos, but this one was really well made.
Abhinav writes how to import certificates with OCI Certificates Service.
How to add custom HTTP header to your OCI Load Balancer.
This one is for Exadata Cloud@Customer, how to create VM Cluster network using OCI CLI.
Do you still remember OS Management Service? Here's a good summary on using it.
Have you worked with Aviatrix in the past, they have their training and certification free until end of May! You can check it from this link, they have section on OCI as well.
Interesting concept from folks from Amis, about having a DataSafe available. Go give it a read and think how you would apply it in OCI?
Here's how to use Ansible with Autonomous Dedicated to provision ADB CDB and PDB (or Autonomous Database).


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