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This is OCI newsletter #4. For many, this Friday might be an off day from work but let's hope you still notice this in your mailbox!

I recently attended a conference where Oracle was delivering their speech about Autonomous Databases and Oracle mentions having around 1000 customers in production with Autonomous and over 4000 customers using it in development. I wonder where those customers are! Would be nice to get more discussions on Autonomous on how they are being used in real world.

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New Features

Due to few Kubernetes vulnerabilities OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes now supports versions 1.11.9 and 1.12.7 resulting in older versions from both branches are not anymore supported.

The change came in bit over two weeks after the affected versions were announced so in my opinion Oracle reacted quite quickly to these or what do you think? One of Oracle's core message with OCI is security so it's good to see it's not overlooked!

An option to change license type in your Autonomous Database after you have provisioned it. The more you deploy services the better it is that you are not forced to create it again if for some reason you need to change it. It always makes building solutions easier since you usually end up having to do some modifications at some point!

And the new feature is in the new version of Terraform OCI provider too! That's pretty nice they added it right away there. Oracle also added support to update static routes for your IPSec VPN so you don't need to re-deploy it anymore.

Blogs & News

From the Oracle blogs they show you how to copy files across tenancies within a region. I hadn't noticed earlier you can use define command when using policies. Will definitely define from now on! I'd still rather use one tenancy and restrict access by compartments if it's just possible to avoid multi-tenancy madness.

Continuing the theme with Object Storage, Gleb Otochkin shows three ways how to copy files from command line to Object Storage.

There is also cloud native branch of Oracle blogs and they define what is serverless in their opinion.

A Cost Comparison of a Cloudera Hadoop Cluster with StreamSets Ingestion Framework on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. I think it's really good they have these kind of comparisons but what's Cloud A?

And why are they comparing OCI and Cloud A automation tools as they don't mention what Cloud A is? I think Terraform supports pretty much all major clouds so you can't count it for OCI's benefit. Unless they mean Cloud A is actually Cloud A.

Finally since I mentioned autonomous in start of this newsletter here is post from developer blogs on using microservices together with ATP Database.

Tip of the week

Free Udemy course on Oracle Analytics, pretty cool!


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