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This is OCI Newsletter #17, here I was thinking Oracle probably won't release any new features in July and how wrong I was!

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New Features

So this week there are bunch of new features and not all of them are related to moving resources across compartments (which hasn't been a negative thing by any means!).

The first major one is you can now assign compartment quotas, this gives administrators an easy way to control teams, projects, customers or anything on how much resources they can use. You can assign quotas on tenancy level and then move downwards to different quotas depending on your requirements.

Quotas also have different scopes so they can be set on global, region or AD level. Given time we will probably see some interesting use cases with these.

The second major feature is you can now have transit routing with a private access to Oracle services from your on-premise network when you are using VPN Connect or FastConnect.

I've been rooting this type of feature to come available so you can have everything setup within your VCN without traffic needing to traverse through public internet. Well now it's here! Perhaps it makes discussions internally within your company easier as well if you need to get usage of some specific service approved.

Third one to highlight are the new Load Balancer service traffic control features.

This includes access control rules, access method rules and sticky cookies. One thing for Load Balancer service which I hope would be coming at some point would be managing certificates in a easier way. (Something similar with AWS Certificate Manager)

And still a bunch of other cool features:

Terraform v3.34.0 as usual is keeping up to date with the new features! And as you can see it also has support for Functions as a Service.

Blogs & News

Blogverse and news front it's been quiet, only few items to mention.

Overview of elasticity of Oracle Cloud. It also highlights the important point when you are not using serverless applications how you need to think on reducing costs by either not running services on specific time or scaling them to an appropriate value.

How to move your compute instance to a different tenancy if needed. Even though this process involves some steps it's rather easy to perform, something to think of depending what type of solutions you are running!

Tip of the week

If you are going to Oracle Open World this year you can filter the session catalog with Cloud Infrastructure sessions as well.


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