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Happy July 26th! You are reading OCI newsletter #18 with a few interesting announcements.

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New Features

Virtual Machine DB systems now support 19c database version. For Exadata this was released few weeks ago and now also VM's support release 19c.

If you are using tags, you can now set a budget on your cost-tracking tag! You can also set the budget for a compartment which will apply to all child compartments. This further enhances the possibilities what you can do within one tenancy and with good IAM policies where specific project accesses only certain compartment with a pre-allocated budget on resources.

Although not an official release announcement yet, Oracle Functions seems to be available on OCI console with documentation updated as well. This is one of the most important features coming out to get Oracle on board with serverless developments I think.

The Functions service is based on open-source container native Fn project. In the documentation they also have example setup of a Hello World application. I'm hoping to have time to test this during upcoming weeks to get deeper understanding how it works.

Hopefully we get official release soon with blog posts and best practices available!

Terraform v3.35.0 out as well, support for budgets and additional support on moving resources across compartments.

Blogs & News

Deploy Hadoop using OCI Resource Manager. I've mentioned earlier I really like using Resource Manager to deploy demos and test different setups, that's why it's great to see more examples coming out where you can deploy using Resource Manager.

Still would be great to see improvements on the Resource Manager itself as well.

Julian Dontcheff has a nice post on comparing Autonomous Database options, Dedicated vs Serverless.

Good initiative on keeping a list of Oracle Cloud resources on GitHub, it's still very early but good idea to bookmark and provide input on it so list will improve and people can find specific info easily!

Adrian Png already tested how Oracle Functions looks like in his blog, some initial info how it looks like.

Tip of the week

Oracle has set of webcasts coming up, the first one is about Utilizing the OCI Data Source in Grafana. They aim to go deeper on topics on these webcasts so if it's something which interests you it should be a good way to get more knowledge (and questions answered!)


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