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Welcome on the issue #19 of OCI Newsletter! Oracle keeps pushing more functionality as this week we saw global availability of Functions and Events Services as well as a new region!

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New Features

This week section underneath is partly repeating last week as we seem to announce these faster than Oracle!

So Functions is now officially available which we discussed briefly last week. Here is the link for another time! Functions is based on Fn Project, will be great to see upcoming examples how it's being used. On the blog section there is already one post!

Also Events is now available, with Events and Functions you can create powerful combinations to manage your solution where an state change with resource will kick off Event. Events can use one of the following services as an action - Notification, Function or Streaming. Right now only selected state changes from Database Service and Object Storage are available.

You can now monitor your Bare Metal instances health with instance health metrics. More monitoring and metrics we can use the better. Currently you can monitor CPU, Memory, Management Controller and PCI subsystem.

Another region available now in Mumbai, India! I think a very important location to have region available, however again only one Availability Domain in the start.

I still think they would be better off providing more than one AD in the start, right now all the new regions announced this year are still running with one AD. But seems Oracle states the following in documentation (which is better than nothing!):

"For any region with one availability domain, a second availability domain or region in the same country or geo-political area will be made available within a year to enable further options for disaster recovery that support customer requirements for data residency where they exist."

So in other words, geo-political area can be almost anything? Regional subnets for your one AD region!

Finally OCI Provider Terraform v3.36.0 is out, some minor changes where main change seems to be defining Events rules through oci_events_rule resource.

Blogs & News

Here is the announcement about Functions being GA.

And here is similar about Events Service.

One more for Functions and Events!

Great that they push posts out the same time services or features are released, some services or new features haven't actually had a parade when they have been launched.

Here is a post how you use Functions Service to an ATP database, after the Hello World example from the documentation, this is good next step to go deeper.

From myself on using the Events Service with Notification Service to get informed when state changes in Object Storage.

Rodrigo Jorge has a post on deploying a highly available MYSQL cluster with DRBD on OCI, a must read with excellent and clear examples!

Best practices using tagging to manage costs, something I've been saying also is that you need to have a good tagging strategy right from the start! Even though you would be only implementing the solution you can highlight this in your company and push that tagging doesn't go unnoticed.

Release 19.2.1 of E-Business Suite Cloud Manager is available, if you plan to migrate your E-Business Suite to OCI this might be a good tool to view. Unfortunately when we did our migration the tool didn't support Exadata..

Tip of the week

Terraform 0.12.6 is out! Why is this important? You can now use for_each function which will simplify things even further. I have blog post coming up about this later on as well.


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