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Welcome already to the 20th issue of OCI Newsletter! Not much happened during this week apart from few new regions announced to be available soon.

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New Features

Four new regions in four different continents! The new ones to be available soon are Switzerland (Zurich), Brazil (Sao Paolo) and Australia (Sydney) and the one announced last week in India (Mumbai). Will be interesting to see if any of them are launched with multiple Availability Domains or will Oracle continue with their one region, one AD policy.

Autonomous Database is now listed as Events source in documentation as well, we like quick additions to Events service!

Terraform OCI provider v3.37.0 is out, it brings mainly ipv6 support for some resources as well as few bugfixes.

That's it for new features this week, let's see how things evolve next week again!

Blogs & News

More guides on using Oracle Functions roll out, this one teaches how to use it with Java together with Object Storage.

Here is another guide on using Functions and connecting it to Autonomous Database. Notice the comment about VCN and subnets, it's something you need to think of still!

Article on Forbes about Oracle Functions and Events. Oracle is not to be thought as a pure backend company anymore!

Accenture and Oracle partner with State of Texas to implement their ERP system (PeopleSoft) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, seems like an interesting case to hear more about, perhaps someone will present about it on Oracle Open World?

Tip of the week

Related to Terraform 0.12.6, there is now updated blog from Gruntwork on how to use for_each function in their blog series.


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