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Another quiet week with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure news but here we go with Issue #21! Perhaps Oracle is saving some announcements to Open World?

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New Features

Support for IPv6 addresses was added for Goverment Cloud only, probably same support for other regions comes later but for now Goverment Cloud only! If you're interested more info on Goverment Cloud can be found from here.

This came out few weeks back but Oracle Developer Image on OCI Marketplace has been updated to include .NET Core and Ansible. Just click launch instance to have it running in your tenancy, you used to have URL available so you could import image but that seems to have disappeared?

Terraform OCI provider release v3.38.0 is out but it didn't add IPv6 support as that was already done last week! Now mainly few WAF related documentation updates and a fix for oci_core_network_security_group_security_rule.

Blogs & News

Oracle Whitepaper on how to setup Hybrid Data Guard from on-premise to OCI. This is huge! My first use case on OCI was to setup Data Guard from on-premise and I wish this whitepaper would have existed back then. Perhaps they could have gone deeper also on VCN and VPN / FastConnect setup on this document as not everyone is familiar with those.

Handy post how to connect AWS VPC and OCI VCN with Megaport Cloud Router. I guess we will see more and more implementations in the future where there will be multi cloud setup required due to services, data etc. Will make calculating costs also harder!

Can I use Autonomous Database for development and if so what development tools should I use? I like how Oracle is putting SQL Developer and APEX available in cloud to enable easy development.

Oracle has updated migration paths on their cloud migration path to include ATP Dedicated and ATP Serverless options. Click on database version and the paths to the documentation come available.

For what I'm paying for and where is my money going? This is something you easily start to wonder if you don't monitor your costs. This post is about costs and how to check balance using REST APIs. Even though it's about Analytics it applies to other OCI services as well and has good points on using tags, use them!

Tip of the week

Some comments about running Oracle Exadata on OCI by yours truly on Twitter, here is part 1 and part 2. To summarize I think it's a great product but it still needs (and hopefully gets) more updates to be more cloudified!


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