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This is OCI Newsletter #12. We continue where we left off last week about Oracle and Microsoft cloud interconnect and have few announcements mainly related to Exadata.

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New Features

OCI Exadata supports now database version 19c for new Exadata deployments. If you want to have 19c database available for older deployments you need to upgrade your Exadata DB system manually.

That's also my biggest beef with OCI Exadata, there are lot of things customer needs to do manually and many of them are not streamlined. We can hope they will concentrate on this area as well in the future and have a path for existing customers to improve their operations.

You can now manage Exadata DB backup and restore operations using console or API as well as manage the Exadata Dataguard configuration through them. At the time of writing this the links to official documentation were broken but you can see where they point once they start working through above links.

Terraform OCI provider v3.29.0 is out! As you can see it has few interesting new resources supported. It includes "Support for autonomous transaction database-dedicated, autonomous exadata infrastructures, autonomous container databases and maintenance runs".

So what are these, probably some new way of managing or provisioning Exadata resources? Looking OCI Terraform provider reference for Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure. You can define maintenance windows, shape etc when creating the service.

And the mentioned container database seems to be something you create in the Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure.

"Create a new Autonomous Container Database in the specified Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure."

Interesting! I'm really keen on seeing what this new development will be and what Oracle has planned around it.

Blogs & News

Oracle has released bunch of Quick Starts to deploy resources using Infrastructure-as-Code (mainly Terraform). We've seen them release always one here and another there but now all of them are gathered under Github which makes finding them really easy. As always if you want to see different use cases of Terraform, browsing the quickstarts is one way to do it!

Last week's Microsoft's and Oracle's cloud interconnect was analysed on this CNN article.

Article from Microsoft's side on how to use Azure AD with Oracle Cloud. It's good we get these articles from Microsoft side as well since their knowledge on their products is obviously top notch! Best from both worlds and so on.

Todd Sharp has a nice post how to get metadata from your OCI environment using Micronaut.

Here is example how to import your OCI resources to Terraform by Christoph Ruepprich, all hope is not lost if you don't have the resource in the state file!

Article which goes deeper on the last week's announcement on work requests with compute operations. As you can see you can also review the status through CLI which is great!

Post about Oracle's customer Altair Radioss is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and high-performance computing (HPC) to crash test cars. Pretty good looking customer reference.

Tip of the week

Test your knowledge on Oracle Cloud with flash cards! It says Oracle Terraform cards but seems like they are more related to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate certification.


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