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This is OCI Newsletter #13. Happy midsummer folks! Something which is celebrated in Finland at least. This week Oracle announced the new features in Autonomous Databases which are related to Exadata Infrastructure discussed last week.

I'll be attending Oracle Analytics Summit next week in San Francisco, come and say hi if you are around!

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New Features

Ok so the Exadata Infrastructure announced last week is related to Dedicated ATP Database Deployments! In order to have a dedicated ATP database in OCI you will need an Exadata Infrastructure (Autonomous of course), a Container Database (Autonomous, CDB) and finally the ATP database(s) which are PDB's.

Info on the Exadata Infrastructure and what you can run on them is available as well. Remember that there is additional cost on running dedicated Exadata Infrastructure.

You can now delete master encryption keys created by Key Management System in OCI. If you delete the key anything encrypted with that key comes inaccessible, so remember to create new keys beforehand and assign them accordingly!

More flexibility, you can now move Block Volumes between compartments and same goes for Service Gateways (this could be seen from Terraform release notes).

Oracle Marketplace now has stacks also available for launch! You can launch the complete solution required using a stack, these probably utilize Oracle Resource manager to manage the stack which has all necessary resources.

VPN Connect Quickstart is available for those who find setting up a VPN connection painful, this should ease it up overall to have a clear workflow which you can follow to set it up. I've found myself that overall setting up IPSec VPN is quite straightforward but the challenges you might face come from your network partner doing the setup on on-premise side.

OCI Provider v3.30.0 for Terraform is out, it includes support for previously mentioned compartment switches and KMS deletion.

Blogs & News

Post on cluster networking for high performance computing (HPC), it's available on following regions: Ashburn, London, Frankfurt and Tokyo.

Another post on HPC how the investments on it are growing including what's happening in ISC 2019 in Frankfurt next week.

Video on Autonomous Database Cloud Diagnosability using Machine Learning. Wow, what a subject! It's over one hour long so if you have time and it seems interesting it might be worth checking on.

More on Machine Learning and using H2O.ai for Oracle ERP. It's pretty cool what you can do with modern solutions when you link them together with your main source of business data.

Here is example of making Python Flask API which utilizes ADW database as backend.

Medium article by Frank Pachot on how to connect to Oracle ATP database using Jupyter notebook.

I made a post on my frustration with keeping OCI security lists updated when you are using Terraform. Luckily Terraform 0.12 helps on this and you can simplify your configuration by using dynamic blocks!

Tip of the week

DSP is hosting a free online webinar on what differences there are between OCI and OCI-C (classic) on next Wednesday. If you have been using OCI-C this could be a good introduction to OCI.


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