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This is OCI Newsletter #14 with some summer vibes coming from the Oracle Analytics Summit! I've decided to include some of the Oracle Analytics information in the newsletter as many times it's related to OCI as well.

Feedback is always valued! Contact me via Twitter @svilmune or just send an email if you have any ideas, comments or if you see I'm missing some good source for the weekly news.

New Features

Live from Analytics Summit - Oracle announced some new features and upcoming changes in products for Analytics. Key pillars for Analytics are Augmented, Integrated and Collaborative, how's that for marketing material!

New Analytics web page was also launched which carries already lot of material published during the summit. Three "new" product lines for Analytics are:

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)
Oracle Analytics Server (Sort of former OBIEE)
Oracle Analytics for Applications (Backend powered by ADW database)

Lot of the offerings announced are on the first stage yet but they were confident new features and supported platforms (like ERP modules) were going to added quickly. Will be interesting to see where they are year from now and if they have been able to push products forwards as predicted during the summit.

Also the pricing model was simplified so for OAC Professional you pay only $20 monthly while OCPU for Enterprise version costs $2000 monthly. What we didn't yet hear is how the professional and enterprise versions are defined and if there are restrictions when you can use one vs another. This TechTarget article mentions about the pricing as well.

Now back to OCI, you can now monitor FastConnect and VPN connection with the monitoring service. This is good! I mean how did you know earlier if you had connection down unless you monitored it from your own side?

From the Email Delivery Service you can now move the Approved Senders to a different compartment, this continues the updates within last week where you can move resources to a different compartment without having to recreate them. More flexibility!

Based on release notes for Terraform OCI provider 3.31.0 you can also move NAT Gateway to a different compartment.

APEX is now available on Autonomous Databases you provision in the cloud! I know there is large and active APEX (Oracle Application Express) community so we should see some interesting blog posts in the future which will benefit everyone!

Blogs & News

From the Oracle blogs here is an article showing how DevOps integrates with OCI. It will be a five-part series so check out the next ones hopefully soon, will be interesting to see how detailed they will go on this series!

Terraform Up & Running Second edition is to be released in the near future. This one will have updated content based on Terraform 0.12. For me the first edition was a really good walk through for Terraform so I'm confident this second edition will have good content as well!

OCI autoscale super script by Richard! Now you can shutdown, restart and scale resources using this cool script and take advantage of not running your resources all the time or at maximum resources when they are not needed.

Frank Pachot's Medium post on Oracle ATP: Medium and High Services are not for OLTP. It's a really good article going on to technical details, however what I like almost the most is the closing statement:

"Autonomous does not mean that we can run without understanding."

This is so true and should be always remembered with all cloud related solutions, try to have the understanding why things work in the way they do!

Post on how to patch your DBaaS Operating Systems on OCI and how to keep OS's on the same level overall on your OCI tenancy.

Oracle's press release on the Autonomous Database Dedicated Infrastructure (What a name!) which was released last week.

DSP has a four-part blog post series on Exploring ADW, here are parts one, two, three and four. Very usable posts as you have all the necessary commands included in the series as well.

Tip of the week

If you want to start exploring usage of modules with Terraform but don't know where to start then there is a modules registry for OCI available. It's pretty simple to use modules so give it a try if you use Terraform a lot!


I'm not in partnership with Oracle in any way so all opinions are my personal views and should not be taken as an official statement from Oracle.

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