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Welcome to the Issue #27 of OCI Newsletter - We pick up right after Open World!

This week didn't come without any new features and we also have some good posts from people analyzing Open World content, really nice to get people's insights.

I saw more than few people saying that the new Free Tier resources ran out from different regions they were using, seems it's quite popular and probably Oracle should have expected this to give good look on the new offering!

New Features

Events Service now supports additional resources in Compute and Networks, in compute for example auto scaling events are now supported which I wrote a blog post as well. Link in the below section!

Autonomous Database services got bunch of new features which are listed here:

Good that they are making an effort to bring the dedicated deployments also on same level, same with the last week announcement of Gen 2 Exadata Cloud @ Customer.

Exports of Windows images is now available - I'm sure those who were running Windows images are more than happy about this!

While not directly related Virtualbox 6.1 supports importing images from OCI.

I saved the best ones last! First, yesterday Oracle announced compartment explorer which shows all your resources within specific compartment across all regions. On the background it uses Search service so changes might not immediately be visible.

Another welcomed one is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure plugins for Hashicorp Vault! Vault lets you protect sensitive data and store secrets, read more from here. I really like Oracle is supporting Hashicorp tools within their services and not closing out and trying to create their own for everything.

Blogs & News

Oracle has achieved FedRAMP authorization in two US Government regions, Ashburn and Phoenix.

Video on Oracle's strategy with new and existing Regions. I really liked this interview as they didn't avoid the question on why they provide single AD Regions!

Adrian Png writes how you can quickly spin up new Free Tier resources and continues in a second post how you can use it together with Oracle APEX.

JSON in Oracle Autonomous Database in less than 15 minutes!

Presentation from Nelson Calero from Open World how to automate your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations.

Connor has all the Open World presentations which have a download listed in his page. Many OCI related presentations as well!

Awesome Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Github list, if you see some interesting topics go and edit it! In time this will be great place to find information on OCI.

Highlights from Open World, lot of OCI related topics reviewed.

I made two posts this week, the first one is how we can use Events Service with auto scaling and get notified on scaling events with Terraform 0.12.

Second post is on creating multiple instances with Terraform 0.12 using dynamic blocks and some other new features with Terraform. This one also has bunch of generic modules I used to show how easy it is to reuse code.

Both posts include links to my Github page with code available for download. I noticed Terraform 0.12 is now supported in OCI Resource Manager so both examples will shortly be available for it as well.

Tip of the week

Another new certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Cloud Operations Associate. This one has really good exam topics so not only to get certified but it's a good exam to learn more as well!

I heard that in the near future Oracle will provide tips and tricks for these certifications so it will be easier to study to them as well.


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