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Issue #28 of OCI weekly newsletter is here!

Few interesting announcements this week, the top one being fast provisioning of databases!

New Features

Let's dive right into fast provisioning of databases. You have option to use it on 1-node DB VM or BM systems. To speed up the process it uses LVM storage instead of grid infrastructure so these are mainly intended for test workloads.

There are also some storage considerations what you need to think of if you use this option.

You can now define tags which have list of values for the users to choose from, more info under Defined Tags section here. This is great so you can force certain values and not give users a freedom to set them how they want! I'm sure there are other good use cases as well, for example filtering comes easier as well.

OCI Terrafrom provider 3.46.0 is out as well, support for above features is included as well as few other minor improvements.

Blogs & News

Since tagging was mentioned (one of my favorite subjects!), here is post from Richard Garsthagen how to get user who created the resource appear in a tag. I didn't know this type of feature existed, nice!

Trent has a post how you log Object Events with Streaming service. Nice to see something about Streaming Service as well, there hasn't been too many posts about it yet!

Christoph Ruepprich has a post how you can set up web credentials for OCI in the upcoming APEX 19.2. It's nice to see more Oracle services are starting to get OCI integration in one way or another.

Todd Sharp has few posts, first one is migrating from AWS to OCI free tier. While the comparison maybe true in the end I consider it a bit biased!

Another one is how to run Minecraft server in OCI. I really like this, it doesn't always need to be so serious and related to business!

KF Hussain has a post how to provision Java Cloud Service in OCI private subnet, it's part 1 so check out part 2 later!

Terraform Up & Running, 2nd edition is out. I've mentioned it before but if you are looking to start your journey with Terraform this book really helped me in the start and has been a valuable resource along the way!

Tip of the week

Did you know you can write a policy with compartment hierarchies? An example can be found from the documentation, if you write a policy to specific compartment but want to attach it higher up in the compartment hierarchy you write it in a manner of:

Allow group NewtworkAdmins to manage virtual-network-family in compartment CompartmentA:CompartmentB:CompartmentC

This will attach policy to tenancy level if ProjectA is next compartment after tenancy!


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