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Issue #29 of OCI weekly newsletter, few new features with Oracle Resource Manager getting some updates so it will be easier to deploy your resources with Terraform. I think it has lot of potential as long as they keep it open so features what you can do with "local" Terraform are kept as an option as well.

New Features

Seems Oracle Resource Manager (ORM) team sends out emails about updates, I think this is nice and more teams should do it! In the email it was announced that importing state files is now possible to ORM.

They mention two possible use cases:

1) Importing state files if you want to move from local Terraform implementation to ORM
2) Cases where ORM doesn't support some features which are supported locally. Such as running jobs on specific resources for example. Run them locally and import the state file after that!

Also they mention the earlier announcement that Terraform 0.12 is now supported with ORM as well.

Audit Service has new Schema for log files. The new v2 schema has more content included in the log files compared to v1. Some services do not yet support new v2 schema and for them the schema will be v2, just some data will be missing.

Paravirtualized networking can now be selected when you launch a VM instance from Oracle-provided image.

Blogs & News

More info on the Audit Service enhancements from an official blog post!

Nice four part series on using autoscaling with load balancer! Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 also available. Would have been nice if they would have added statistics on scaling times also to these posts, in my previous tests sometimes the scaling event could take up to 10 minutes until it kicks in if the instance was terminated.

Rodrigo Jorge has the best post of this week, how to extract complete billing information from your OCI tenancy! I'm sure a lot of people will take this into use unless Oracle provides some improvements of their own.

Example how to create ATP connection in JDeveloper.

How to use Service Gateway to extract data from Object Storage.

New version of OCI Manager app (unofficial), Richard keeps updating it so it's nice to see new features coming for it!

Enhancing EBS Security - six part series is now complete and you can read the first part here and see links to rest of the posts.

Video on how to setup direct interconnect between OCI and Azure, here is +1 for more videos!

Todd Sharp has a post how to migrate your Kafka workloads to OCI Streaming service. Todd has good posts usually, detailed and interesting topics.

Tip of the week

As I was getting ready for my flight I didn't find OCI documentation available as a PDF. But luckily OCI community knew that it exists, whole 4900+ pages. Happy reading!


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