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Issue #30 of OCI weekly newsletter, not a single new feature released so far this week! Luckily we had some new interesting posts. Check out the ones on secondary VNIC and OCI backups at least!

New Features

Some time ago we saw new endpoints for the Notifications service, here is a more deeper intro on how to use HTTPS (custom URL) end point to open a ticket in ServiceNow. It's good example how powerful feature the custom HTTPS endpoints are!

Terraform OCI provider v3.48.0 is out, main new feature is support for Digital Assistant. And if you haven't read about DA it's:

"Oracle Digital Assistant is a platform that allows you to create and deploy digital assistants, which are AI-driven interfaces that help users accomplish a variety of tasks in natural language conversations."

Haven't seen many posts about that!

Blogs & News

Trent shows how you can attach a second VNIC to your compute instance, few steps still required after you attach it from the Console. Remember you still need the instance created first like Trent says!

I missed the webcast yesterday on OCI Object Storage Performance Best Practices but all webcasts are available in the Events page, so if you miss them this is a good place to check them!

Fred Denis has a post on OCI Automatic Backup troubleshooting, good post showing how you can find correct information when your backup fails!

Martin Berger has a post too about OCI backups failing and how correcting timezone helped on the issue.

A-Team has a post on how to create OCI VPN-RA server on OCI with Libreswan. They attach a secondary VNIC to the instance so if you follow this example then above Trent's post will come handy!

Tip of the week

Not perhaps a tip but a post I liked a lot. Amazon Consumer Business turned off it's final Oracle database. It's good to see innovation on both ends, I think it will benefit everyone! It's also interesting if you read the post you can see how Amazon expects DBA profession to evolve as well!


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