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How's your Friday going? This is issue number 31 of OCI weekly newsletter, new features this week were Digital Assistant and IXP Filter and that's it! Some nice articles out there, the one I specially liked was from Oracle's A-Team about certificates in OCI.

New Features

I mentioned OCI Terraform provider supporting Digital Assistant last week and here is the official release! Find out more from the documentation.

Regarding Security, a new complimentary tool called Oracle Internet Intelligence IXP Filter Check was released. It's also the first ever public tool that analyzes route server behavior across internet. I didn't fact check this but I believe the announcement!

OCI Terraform provider v3.49.0 is out and brings support for Oracle Content and Experience. No other Terraform related changes!

So another slow week in terms of new features, perhaps a new region soon as well?

Blogs & News

So here is post from A-Team on using Let's Encrypt and Certbot for automatic certificate renewals for OCI Load Balancer service. Nice! I mentioned on Twitter that Oracle should push getting a service out there similar for Amazon Certificate Manager. Would make life so much easier! These kind of guides are good but who want's to ramp up compute instances and manage them when there could be service? Hopefully it's coming..

Post on setting up dedicated access to GlusterFS-based shared storage on OCI. I probably will never have a use case similar to this but look on the different features they are using such as dedicated secondary VNIC and regional subnets, always good for learning how these can be utilized!

Leo Leung talking about High Availability and Resiliency in the cloud. It's only bit short of five minutes so give it a go!

Julian Dontcheff has a post on preview versions of Autonomous Databases.

LinkedIn post on Low-Latency Trading over RoCE V2 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Apparently "RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) is a network protocol that supports the remote direct memory access (RDMA) protocol over an ethernet network.", how about that!

Clay Magouyrk shares Oracle's strategy how they will compete against the other cloud vendors! I have to say being first critical on the rapid region expansion with limited Availability Domains, that if they keep their word and expand the AD's where there is more growth it's good. But will any of the one-AD regions have multiple next year is an interesting question!

Tip of the week

I've had an issue on not receiving maintenance notification emails which are supposed to be sent to tenancy administrator. Earlier during 2018 they were send from noreply@oracle.com but they were changed so they are send now from noreply@status.oraclecloud.com. I've yet to receive a single notification email from that account so if you have similar situation it's worth investigating!

Check from Administration - Announcements and compare that to list of emails you have received.


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