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Hello folks! You are reading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly Newsletter #22! This week we have new July 2019 DB patch available, moving some network resources to different compartments (I thought all were done already!) and lot more.

Feedback is always valued. Contact me via Twitter @svilmune or just send an email if you have any ideas, comments or if you see I'm missing some good source for the weekly news.

New Features

July 2019 patch for Bare Metal and Virtual Machine Database systems is now available, note that this is not available for OCI Exadata systems.

Streaming service now supports stream archives, meaning you can archive your stream to Object Storage buckets.

Key Management System (KMS) can now be used to encrypt your file systems in File Storage. Really good to get expansion on KMS usage!

Web Application Firewall service now has following new features: Caching rules, Custom protection rules and Access Control.

And finally also these network resources can be now moved between compartments after creation:

  • Public IPs
  • DHCP Options
  • Local Peering Gateways (LPNs)
  • Internet Gateways (IGs)
  • Network Security Groups (NSGs)
I wonder which ones can't be moved? Would be good to have list of those resources in a table somewhere in the documentation.

From few weeks ago: You can now manage Autonomous Transaction Processing - Dedicated DB using Enterprise Manager 13.3.2 with Bundle Patch 2.

Oracle Solaris images are now available on OCI Marketplace! So if you have some Solaris workloads running at your data center now you can move that too to OCI! Or not if you can't run it on x86..

Blogs & News

Using Oracle KMS for variables with Oracle Functions. More realistic use cases with Oracle Functions, I think we are getting somewhere with it!

Blog post on Pythian's blog roll weighs pro's and con's with Autonomous Database. Good that they have listed some drawbacks as well, it's not all SO great they tell us!

I had some initial trouble configuring OCI Exadata emails to use OCI Email Delivery service so decided to do short write up, hope it helps you if you need to it in the future!

Integrating OCI with Oracle Access Manager 12c post from Medium. Clear examples and lots of screenshots!

Tip of the week

If you are having issues with your File Storage mounts be sure to check Reported Size and Inodes from the console (you can set these from API too). They might have something to do with the issues!



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