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Happy Friday! This is OCI Weekly Newsletter #23 with latest info on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure news and new features.

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New Features

Last Friday new region in Sao Paolo, Brazil was announced! The region is named sa-saopaolo-1 and has one availability domain!

Dedicated Virtual Machine Hosts were announced on Wednesday, if your workload needs to be completely isolated you can deploy first a Virtual Machine Host where you can create Virtual Machines.

Note that the VM core size is limited by cores running on single socket so plan your sizing accordingly! Also instance pools, instance configurations or autoscaling are not supported at this point in time.

Terraform v3.40.0 OCI provider is out with a support for dedicated VM hosts and resource group field for metrics.

The Oracle and Microsoft Cloud alliance is now extended to London region as well! No need to worry on how Brexit will impact your applications, or..

Blogs & News

Here is a really handy note: "Exadata Cloud Service in OCI Best Practices Note 2570952.1". It gives a good overview on tools and things you need to consider when you implement Exa on OCI. My Oracle Support credentials required!

Getting started with OCI DNS Zone management and Email Delivery.

Quotas and limits for effective cost management in OCI. Shows how you can quite easily do a powerful setup with quotas so there is no surprises from different projects.

Post on Geekwire how Oracle and Microsoft have become cloud buddies and where this is heading into.

Tip of the week

If you create Network Security Group (NSG) remember the source can be either a CIDR block, Service or another NSG!



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