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New Features

New region again, this time in Australia, Sydney. Region is named ap-sydney-1 and abbreviation is SYD with one Availability Domain available right now.

In the new regions following FastConnect partners are now available as well:

  • Zurich: Equinix, Megaport
  • Toronto: Zayo
  • Sao Paulo: Ascenty, Equinix
  • Sydney: Equinix
Cluster networking for High Performance Computing (HPC) instances is available with a latency as low as single-digit microseconds. There are some specific setup steps required and cluster network is build on top of instance pool instances. It's available in following regions: Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and Ashburn.

Aqua Security (Container Security) Platform has been extended to OCI which means you can now deploy it on Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Although no official announcement but Work Requests are available for Autonomous Database Serverless resources, this means you can track progress of your action through work requests and have better visibility what is happening!

Blogs & News

Second part of Oracle's blog post series on building Hybrid Cloud solutions with OCI and Azure. There are some really good pointers on network configuration required on each but these examples still feel bit out of place for me.

Why would we in reality split application and database and add more complexity, surely that kind of configurations must be in minority where as real benefit come from connecting the clouds and using services from each in best way possible?

Detailed post on using Transit Routing from your own customer network to multiple VCN's. You can use Transit Routing to access Oracle Services or VCN's on the same region as the hub VCN. More information on the official documentation.

First part on blog series about Data Driven Saas Integration with Streaming where OCI streaming will be used. Sounds interesting and hopefully it gets to later parts soon!

Youtube video on using OCI Email Delivery with SWAKS. Good video to see how easy setting up Email Delivery in OCI is.

Another video on installing Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on OCI.

Tip of the week

When creating a compute instance pressing the "Change Shape" button brings you nicely all information on specific shapes!



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