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Whoa, what a week! This is OCI Weekly Newsletter #25 for you to read! Seems week before Open World we started to get lot new features in OCI, I wonder how it will be next week with this pace.

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New Features

So what's new this week? Let's start with few cosmetic improvements.

Console enhancements improve user experience by uniting IaaS, PaaS and Saas. Now you can access them all from the console home. (More they simplify it the better it gets!)

If you read the full post you see they improved Cost Analysis, Invoices and Service Announcements as well. Nice!

Region names now have unified naming convention so it's easier to see which Region it is. Very Azure-like naming convention, however easy cosmetic change which brings more clarity on regions.

You can manage Oracle Identity Cloud Service Roles for federated users through Console including service and instance access roles.

Backups can now be set to pre-defined two hour backup window. Quite handy so Oracle doesn't determine your business hours whenyou can do things.

Network Security Groups (NSGs) are now supported with Autonomous Database Dedicated deployments. So now both Security Lists and NSGs are available, you can see how NSG is configured from here.

Storage Gateway 1.3 is out with enhancements to large file sync and cloud sync.

Events Service now supports events from Notifications Service and NAT Gateway (Networking Service). More and more services supported this will be great addition to overall services portfolio!

With Notifications Service you can now create Custom HTTPS URL as a Subscription endpoint in addition to the existing options. Other options were Pagerduty, Email and Slack.. when did Slack come there?

Oracle Database Safe is available in selected regions! It's a fully managed service providing set of features to manage protected and regulated data in your OCI Databases. Features include Security Assessment, User Assessment, Data Discovery, Data Masking and Activity Auditing. I wonder how it's to be priced? It included a database with a initial size of 1TB and a web application so I would assume pricing is based on these in some level.

Oracle Content and Experience is now GA in OCI. Well this came out with a bang! Not much hype yet from Oracle at all on these two new services, but I'm sure we have more information on them during next week. Content and Experience is a cloud based content management hub which.. well read for yourself if you understand what it is.

"Oracle Content and Experience is a cloud-based content hub to drive omni-channel content management and accelerate experience delivery. It offers powerful collaboration and workflow management capabilities to streamline the creation and delivery of content and improve customer and employee engagement."

As usual Terraform 3.43.0 is out. Support contains some Autonomous Database Dedicated and Kubernetes related features. Surprisingly Autonomous DB Dedicated NSGs are not on the list, first time this happens for a while!

Blogs & News

How you can visualize your OCI usage together with Oracle Analytics Cloud where you load your usagedata with python to ADW and use OAC reporting possibilities to analyze it. Once you have complex tenancy setup with different compartments I think billing and reporting it needs more tools what are offered by default so this is good insight!

Video on how you setup OCI Infrastructure federation with Microsoft Azure AD, good to have variety in forms of video for a change!

Interesting post about GraalVM being used in OCI, you can read that OCI Monitoring team uses GraalVM for their service. And GraalVM Enterprise Edition is free for OCI users!

End-to-end engineering simulation made possible with OCI HPC. Interesting details about shape used!

What's coming up in Oracle Open World in terms of Oracle Cloud. Not a detailed list of presentations as there are huge amount of them but gives some guidance.

Post from Julian Dontcheff on Autonomous Database security listing the 10 benefits you get when using it.

Tip of the week

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect Professional is available! If you have the Associate certification now it's time to double up and go for this.


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