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Happy holidays to those who are spending this Friday off from work! And for others, happy Friday! This is Issue #36 of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly Newsletter.

One big announcement this week - Zero Downtime Migration availability. In addition I'll discuss bit more about the OCI architect certification in the tip of the week section.

New Features

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) announced! ZDM is downloadable tool which connects your on-premises database and transfers it to cloud using Dataguard in the background. Technical whitepaper of ZDM is also available. I bet we will here more about it in the upcoming months!

Autonomous Database serverless deployment maintenance schedules are now visible in OCI Console. Who would have thought, handy!

Terraform OCI provider v3.54.0 is out! Support for ADB maintenance schedules and a new Exadata datasource to get OCPU's assigned out.

Blogs & News

Lift and Shift long running Compute workload from on-premises to OCI. Cool comparison in my opinion how the workload performance improves in OCI.

Stephen Cross has an excellent post how to handle IAM resource creation with Terraform if you operate in multi-region tenancy. Remember that even though IAM resources are global they always get created in your home region first. Other option that I've used has been utilizing modules and creating IAM resources on a separate "project".

Deploying cross-cloud Kubernetes cluster running on OCI and Azure. Very detailed post.

Core OCI Concepts: Security in OCI vs on-premises. Leo Leung talking to us again!

Phil Brown from DSP has a post about multimodel 19c database underpinned with OCI storage enhancements. This is part 1 so I expect new posts later on.

Tip of the week

I recently took the OCI Certified Architect Professional exam and like I mentioned in the previous newsletter studying for it was hard as only the exam topics are available as of now.

Oracle has been saying there will be more material to study on it soon but as there seems to be lot of interest on the exam it would be great the material would come out at the same time as exam!

I've made a blog post how I studied to the exam, it's more of a checklist of questions I found important and how they made me understand concepts and details better. Same questions will help on the Associate exam as well!

If you are going to take the exam in the future I'll state the same as I did in the blog post: Try to understand why something is necessary and why some other solution is not! It not only helps on passing the exam but will give good baseline on using OCI in the future.


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