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Another Friday is here, on the issue #37 of OCI Weekly Newsletter we have few new features and some good blog posts! New VCN quickstart seems interesting at least.

New Features

Wizard available for setting up a VCN with Internet connectivity. While the feature may not be mind blowing it's a feature which is very good to be available. Not everyone needs to know VCN basics but rather they just need to be able to launch things. You get a public and private subnet with necessary gateways.. good work Oracle!
File Storage Service supports now Network Security Groups (NSGs). More options! Further we go the better it will be that you have option to use either Security Lists or NSGs for your setup.

I recommend to think if you use one or the other, or both! You could setup Security Lists globally and then give compartment admins the privilege to setup NSGs. Or something like that..
Sydney Region (Australia East) now supports cluster networks. They are now supported in total of five Regions.

Blogs & News

Tim Hall has a post about OCI Free Tier but more importantly links to his updates OCI posts on setting up different resources. Not sure about compartment setup. He has it! Or how to setup VCN!
Post from official Oracle OCI blog on using Events and Functions for Governance and automation. Very detailed post with good examples.
But wait.. A-team has a post about Governance using Events and Functions as well! I think if you are planning to use these services checking both of these posts gives you already a rather good understanding how to move forward.
Another A-team post on using Palo Alto VM as a firewall in OCI. I really like these A-team posts but perhaps Oracle cloud promote them more. For example @OracleCloud twitter account isn't the most active to let people know about these!
Missed this few weeks back but here is a way to implement native monitoring for ATP databases on OCI.
Marcelo Ochoa has a post about IoT deployment on OCI using Free Tier resources, pretty cool!

Tip of the week

Webinar alert! EBS Cloud Manager Architecture Overview on December 17th.

If you are using e-Business Suite and are considering OCI then it's worth investigating EBS Cloud Manager. It gives you lot of possibilities to automate different setup tasks including provisioning and cloning!


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