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Busy week, I'll highlight first the new multi-instance attachment of shareable read/write volumes. Can a feature be any more harder to describe? This is a nice new feature which will enable you to do many different things, more on that below!

Another cool thing, new Exadata X8 shapes are available. They were actually announced already last Thursday but since we had some technical challenges (who would have thought scheduling a newsletter is so hard!) they didn't make it to last week's edition.

New Features

Block Volumes can now be attached to multiple instances and shared as read/write volumes. Note that this does not work as it's own but you need to have some cluster aware system available such as Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2) to handle it. This got me thinking though, would it make sense to offer the cluster aware system as a service and not something you need to install and configure yourself?

Here is official release announcement blog post with some use cases and examples. Good to read to get better understanding overall on the feature. Think for example RAC databases!

And finally, how to do the OCFS2 configuration in a very detailed post from Oracle. This should get you going forward.
Exadata X8 shapes available! Quite nice if you look the X8 specifications you see for example the Quarter Rack storage capacity bumps up from 106 TB to 149 TB! If I understood right the base rate for Exadata will be same regardless of shape but the OCPU's will be slightly cheaper, well done Oracle!
Events Service now supports new Networking resources! Check the list of new resources from here.
You can now recover deleted compartments. It's limited to the time you have set the Audit Retention period (90-365 days). See the section "Recovering Compartments"!
Custom imported images can now be launched using AMD shapes if you use paravirtualized mode.
Custom imported images can now be launched using AMD shapes if you use paravirtualized mode.
Oracle Streaming is now Kafka compatible. This announcement didn't have much information unfortunately.

Luckily Todd Sharp has investigated this in bit more detail using Streaming Service and Autonomous database.
Object Storage has some enhancements:
  • Support for specifying optional Content-Disposition and Cache Control headers when uploading objects using the Console and the CLI
  • Bucket OCIDs are now exposed in the Console
  • ListObjects API enchancements to allow for querying etags
Unfortunately the link for enhancements is broken but you can see it hopefully in the future from here.

Blogs & News

Very technical post on scheduling OCI CLI commands with Kubernetes CronJob. Even if Kubernetes wouldn't be your thing this post has lot of different concepts worth checking!
A-Team has a post on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Identity Cloud Service (IDCS). They have some recommendations how to simplify the overall setup.
Oracle Tech Classroom (is this a webinar perhaps?) recording from December 5th on migrating from AWS to OCI.
This is nice! Terraform module to deploy H2O AI on OCI, including usage of Github Actions!
Dimitri has a post how you renew your certificate on OCI when using Let's Encrypt.
How to create backups of your VM's on OCI. Has a good script on backing up the volumes as well!

Tip of the week

Youtube level 200 video on OCI Transit Routing. We want more of these thank you! Oracle has been promising more of level 200 and 300 videos to come out so let's hope it will be so.


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