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As the year draws closer to it's end I'm happy to say this is already issue #39 of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly Newsletter!

This edition will be the final for this year and next issue number 40 will be published on January 3rd. I'm taking some time off hooray!

But we got some nice updates for this week as well with the announced OS Management Service and a feature for copying boot volume backups across regions!

Also saw updates where people's Free Tier Autonomous databases had been shutdown after 3 months usage even though they had been in active use. Not good if the heavily promoted Free Tier usage can't be tracked properly yet! It's a new thing but not something you would expect would not happen. Didn't see any official communication for this issue from Oracle, shame on you!

Just to highlight again for all of you, I'm really thankful for all you readers and all the feedback I've got, thank you and happy holidays!

New Features

Biggest announcement this week in my opionion: OS Management Service. No more need to manage and monitor packages on the server. You can use OS Management Service for it. And note that documentation says this is what you can do initially! So probably in the future more features will be added for this service.

Currently you need to have Oracle Linux as OS, others are not supported so note that if you plan to test it!
Another important one was that you can now copy boot volume backups to different regions. No more need to move instance images across but just boot volume will be enough. Thank you!
Oracle Autonomous Linux is now available as platform image. So you can search & filter it with Terraform for example and use that image to create your compute instance.
Key Management Service now supports importing your own key, BYOK (bring-your-own-key).
Two new tag-defaults are now introduced in your root compartment from namespace Oracle-Tag, the tag definitions are CreatedBy and CreatedOn.
OCI and Azure cross-cloud connection is now supported in Canada! OCI Canada Southeast (Toronto) and Azure Canada Central.
Three new regions for US Department of Defense usage as well.

Blogs & News

How to get started with Oracle Autonomous Linux. Good links in this post, probably where I would start is the Getting Started: Deploying and Configuring Oracle Autonomous Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Post about JFrog Artifactory and Oracle Cloud.
Here is a overview of Accenture testing the OCI and Azure cross-cloud connection. Few weeks back I had the test PDF linked here as well.
Another cross-cloud related post on deploying Kubernetes Cluster on Azure and OCI. There is also step-by-step guide available.
A-Team post on Skaffold and Kubernetes, another one where you can learn a lot by going through the whole post.
Another one on using Object Storage for RMAN backups, this is really detailed post and gives good insight on what is required!
Install Aqua Security on OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes.

Tip of the week

Did you wonder how to use the VCN Quickstart Wizard? No worries, here is an example how to do it!


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