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Happy New Year!

This year's first edition is mainly about blog posts as no new features have been pushed out lately apart from the global availability of API Management Service before holidays. But be sure to check Martin's video blog series about Terraform and OCI. Really detailed posts with lots of good information!

I'm really eager to see where Oracle is heading with OCI, what do you think will be biggest announcements this year? And can they bring more and more popularity to their cloud services?

Direction is good at least in my opinion!

New Features

API Gateway Service has reached global availability! Be sure to go through the official documentation to get details.

Blogs & News

Martin Linxfeld has an excellent Terraform and OCI course available. It really goes into details on setting up your infrastructure properly. Check the other lessons as well.

Best of all? Whole source code is available in git!
Here is a nice post on how to receive notification when your OCI instance is down, definitely something you should at minimum implement when setting up instances!
Post on OCI API Gateway and Functions.
Link to Azure documentation on designing applications on Azure and OCI. Don't ask me about deploying different layers on different clouds though! I'm all for using different services from each to get most out from it but deploy application server tier on Azure and DB tier on OCI and oh well..
Video from Hashiconf 2019 how to deploy cluster on OCI using Terraform and Vault.
Hybrid Cloud Architecture for the Oracle Database. Good overview on different options available.
Todd Sharp has a post on publishing to Object Storage from the Streaming Service.
Deploy Oracle Data Integrator Marketplace in a public subnet with Autonomous Database.
Another A-Team post on Path MTU Discovery, importance and considerations.

Tip of the week

Oracle is finally ramping up their game with publishing training videos out to public. This is excellent overview on what videos there are currently available. New content too, yay!


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