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This week's newsletter has an amazing new tool from Rodrigo Jorge, OCI360! Wow! You can run it against your tenancy and get lot's of detailed information for your use. What a great community contribution!

On a personal note I've joined Accenture Enkitec Group this week, this shouldn't impact on the tone of the newsletter and we will keep the good spirited comments coming up in the future as well!

No tip of the week this week as there wasn't anything remarkable worthy of that section!

New Features

Oracle Database 19c is now available also for Bare metal Database systems.
Enhancements in the Compartment Explored, you can now view the resources from the subcompartments of the selected compartment as well.

Blogs & News

Post on how to schedule Oracle Functions using Oracle API Gateway.
From the same source: How to configure Authorizer together with Oracle API Gateway.
Here is this week's highlight: Rodrigo's OCI360 tool - it's an open source framework which produces HTML and graphs output of your tenancy. Did I already say it's open source, nice!
Martin Linxfeld has two posts to finish his Terraform and OCI videos.

Part 7 deploys a Database System using Terraform.

And part 8 deploys Local Peering Gateway.
Few videos from Todd Sharp. If you have few minutes they are definitely worth watching!

Virtual Networks in OCI.

How to Create an Instance Configuration, Pool and Autoscaling configuration in OCI.
From Oracle blogs a post on cross region boot volume backups. This is a nice waited feature!
Not sure about differences between Security Lists and Network Security Groups? A-Team has a post on this.


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