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Happy Friday! This is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly Newsletter Issue 32, enjoy reading it! This week Oracle came up with few nice new features. The one what I'm most excited on is the Terraform discovery in the Terraform OCI provider, makes it easier to move from Console to Terraform if you haven't yet started to use Terraform!

Check out also link to Rodrigo's blog post on how to clone instances between regions, definitely worth it!

New Features

Let's start with Terraform OCI provider, version 3.50.0 brings new feature called resource discovery. Why is this important? Perhaps you started your OCI journey by creating VCN and subnets through Console and you never really figured how to jump on using Terraform.

Now you can run the discovery and it will create Terraform files with resource creation and variables! I ran a quick test with it and had some minor issues but all in all resources got created in files. It doesn't support all resources yet so note that!

And be prepared to work further once you have the files created, I'd say it's merely a starting point and you need to have a plan how to go forward with it.

Remember to tag folks! Tag defaults now support default values so users have to have a value when creating resources.

Enhancement for Autonomous Database Serverless deployment wallets. You can now download wallet for single database or wallet containing credentials for all serverless databases in that region.

Roles for your IDCS groups can now be managed from OCI Console. More options for IAM the better!

Terraform OCI provider 3.50.0 full release note here. Provides support for new features this week mainly.

Blogs & News

Interesting test on OCI and Azure latency by Ben Haworth using the new cloud interconnect. Impressive latency after the setup has been completed!

One of the most interesting blog posts I read this week, Rodrigo Jorge has post how to move compute instances between regions and also detailed explanation why each step is required!

And another post, what to do if your Object Storage multipart upload fails?

Marcelo Ochoa shows how you can do High Availability configuration using OCI free tier resources only!

Here is a post how to run KVM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, note also that KVM is now accepted if you do hard partioning when looking licensing.

KVM licensing pdf is out there as well now.

Leo Leung continues his video appearances, this time comparing Virtual Machines and Kubernetes.

Article on Forbes on what free Oracle database means for four Oracle experts. I like that they brought experts outside of Oracle to this article since sometimes the articles on Forbes written by Oracle people about Oracle.. well! Very valid points from all four of them!

Todd Sharp on how to install and run Discource on OCI Free Tier.

Finally there is a OCI Webex on November 7th: Monitor, track and reduce costs. Description mentions they will show one way on shutting instances down automatically for night time to cut down costs. I'm registering for this one!

Tip of the week

Cool post on how to create compute instances with paravirtualized block volumes. Note the nice feature which let's you define the device path on the instance so it will be easier to handle in boot scripts!

It's also with Terraform 0.12 syntax, more of these please!


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