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Good morning, evening and afternoon readers! Feature wise not much happened with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure but let's try to make best out of it.

Few new features with biggest one being Oracle Analytics Cloud being now available through OCI as well, or is it?

New Features

As per release notes Analytics Cloud is now available in OCI. But what? Wasn't that the case already earlier? Further reading this it seems new feature is only when you deploy OAC in APAC regions.

"This Guide is for administrators deploying Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in APAC data regions"

So it's new but seems only for APAC! If you provision OAC in North America or Europe the process is different and seems it's been available for some time already.

Custom DNS resolver is now available for 1-node Bare metal and VM DB systems. Previously you could only use Internet and VCN resolver for these, more options! 2-node RAC systems still need Internet and VCN resolvers which I think make the whole deployment lot easier.

VPN Connect now supports IKEv2, additional crypto algorithms and NAT-T. You can also upgrade your existing connection to use IKEv2 without need to recreate it completely.

Blogs & News

New Console features to simplify OCI Administration. Yes! Not so much navigation required anymore.

A-team post on using new Virtualbox 6.0 to import images to OCI. Good test cases and realistic wrap up!

Another A-team post on creating Service Gateway in OCI for Oracle Analytics Cloud. I like that they are adding more services to SGW all the time so you can access services through private subnets in OCI.

Here is a post on setting up a VPN Tunnel between OCI and AWS. You have a link in the post how to do setup on OCI side as well.

More 5-minute videos, this time about cloud storage 2019! Thanks Leo!

Oracle Linux KVM Image 1.5 has been released and it's available for different OCI shapes.

Tip of the week

Over time Terraform 0.11 support for providers will be deprecated, read what impact it will have. (You can still continue using your old code without issues!)


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