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You are reading Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly #34. Some new features here and there, most important in my opinion is the new feature where you can dynamically adjust performance characteristics of your block volumes.

Oracle Integration on OCI is now available on selected regions as well and we got a new Region in Netherlands!

Check out the tip of the week as well, more details on the new certifications!

New Features

Dynamically adjust block and boot volume performance! Now you have option to change performance based on requirement, balanced, low cost or high performance. Get the higher performance when you need and lower cost during off hours. You can change them to another when required, no volume recreation needed. That's really nice!

Events service now produces events for Virtual Machine, Bare Metal and Exadata databases. Now you can get notified for example when a scheduled backup ends or you can perform further actions when you link an event to a function. More and more possibilities!

OCI Public IP address ranges can now be downloaded in a JSON format and consumed for example programmatically. Perhaps in some local firewall configuration for example?

Compute instance metrics in an instance pool can now be viewed from the instance pool page. Yes thank you, makes sense you can see them all now without drilling down to details! Sometimes the small improvements are the best.

You can now register Autonomous Database with Data Safe easily through Console.

Oracle Integration is available on selected Regions. With Integration Service you can integrate your applications, automate processes, and create visual applications.

New Region has been opened in Netherlands - this being a second Region in EU.

In the press release they state: "This is part of Oracle’s dual region strategy that enables customers to deploy resilient applications in multiple geographies for disaster recovery and compliance requirements.."

I sure hope they will offer more tools also to make cross-region replication and Disaster Recovery easier. So it's not left for the customer to build on their own!

Blogs & News

More info on Terraform provider resource discovery from Oracle's official blog.

Cool post from A-Team on setting up architecture for ISV's (Independent Software Vendors, never heard this term before!). Lot of network related content which gives you good understanding why you would some of the network functionality what OCI provides.

Sean has a post how to connect to OCI using SSH and VNC. Very good details!

Hands on lab: Python Development on Autonomous Database.

Video about OCI customer isolation with OCI networks. Again nice video going through the topic quickly!

Tip of the week

More information about the new OCI certifications available. I took the professional architect earlier this week and recommend to really know basic services inside out so you can make decision why some solution fits into specific question.

I'm working on a blog post about how I studied to the exam. If you are planning to take it in the future stay tuned!


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