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Happy Friday! This is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Weekly issue #35. Oracle announced limited availability of API Gateway and Logging service this week. They should be coming for global availability somewhere next year! In addition Kafka compatible Streaming Service is coming!

New Features

Autonomous Database now supports adding VCN's and private on-premises IP addresses to your ACLs (Access Control Lists).

You can add private IPs to ACLs when you use Transit Routing to Oracle Services.

If you are using Autonomous Database you can access following tools from OCI Console: SQL Developer Web, Application Express (APEX) and Oracle Machine Learning User Adminstration.

Load Balancing now supports URL redirect where you can specify how to route requests to a different URL. This seems handy for a number of purposes where you don't want to always create multiple listeners!

Block Volumes support user-defined backup policies. You can determine frequency and retention now on your own. Freedom!

This is a cool feature. You can force instances in a instance pool to be evenly balanced between fault domains. If there is no capacity in the fault domain the scaling event will error out. I'm hoping we won't see this type of capacity issues in the future with single AD regions. Seems that some free tier resources run out of capacity every now and then so would be a shame if these would as well..

October 2019 patch for Database systems is out - this applies to bare metal and virtual machine DB systems.

Blogs & News

IBM Spectrum Scale on OCI - faster file servers in the public cloud. Until someone prooves them wrong?

More information about Logging Service which is on limited availability. If you have requirements for this I encourage to apply on limited availability program. Always worth it to be on board early on!

And more information about API Management in OCI, same applies as for above!

Publishing GPU Metrics to Monitoring Service.

Post on how Oracle is advancing with HPC in the cloud.

Video about Azure and OCI partnership, good short dicussion!

Architecture decisions about DNS on OCI. Windows vs Linux and how to resolve DNS from customer network. I personally feel this would need a service in the future, it's stupid to setup two DNS servers on your own in VCN instead of having a service for it.

A-Team post on connecting VCN with SD-WAN (Silver Peak).

Tip of the week

I had a good discussion about what software you can use to create OCI diagrams. Apparently in Lucidchart you can import OCI icons and use them and draw.io might have set of icons coming shortly. What are you using currrently? If you have good alternatives shoot me an email and let me know!


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