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Happy Friday again! Amazing new feature in OCI this week. Cloud Shell! Check the posts underneath to see what cool you can do with it.

Some other neat stuff as well with new services such as Data Science, Data Flow and Data Catalog! I ran a poll on Twitter and Data Catalog took the most interest from the people who answered.

Check the "Tip of the Week" section for a great link what just came out, very useful info on that page so best to bookmark it!

Were you at OOW London this week, did you see this tweet about next generation Compute Platform? Or this?

New Features

So Cloud Shell is now available, it's browser-based terminal where you can access your tenancy with pre-authenticated CLI and other tools like Terraform, Python, SQL Plus etc. Check the full contents from the documentation.

What's also cool is that it comes with 5GB of storage which is persistent up to 6 months if you don't use the cloud shell! If you then start it up the counter will be reset for another 6 months.
Data Science Service is now available. You can build, manage and train models in OCI by using Python.
Data Flow Service is now available. Essentially with it you can run Apache Spark applications at any scale by using templates.
Data Catalog Service is now available. It is data discovery and governance solution for your enterprise data.
In-Transit encryption for mounted filesystems. Excellent that we get more improvements to compute services as well. With this and other security solutions you can achieve full end-to-end security for your data.
Autonomous Database - Shared supports now selection of database version during deployment depending what versions are available in that region you are creating the ADB-S database.
Application Migration Service is available. Have you been stuck in OCI Classic? No worries, with this service you get your out of jail card and can migrate to new OCI services!

Blogs & News

New post on Foggy Kitchen page on using Terraform and OCI. If you haven't done yet, subscribe to Martin's YouTube page for great videos.
They have a nice featured post on OCI Cloud Shell as well!
Official Oracle Blog post on Cloud Shell. Good screenshots too! Remember that Cloud Shell is NOT available yet with Free Tier or Trial account.
VM available for Data Science and AI. I guess this is not related to the Data Science Service though.. Conflicting!
Post on how to use OCI Monitoring, Alarms and Notifications for your own Custom and Functional metrics.
Lucas has excellent wrap-up on the new Data Catalog Service as well.
Check how you can use different Data Guard shapes now in OCI.
Hey and a new book, Practical Oracle Cloud Infrastructure! I haven't gotten a copy for this so no recommendation yet on it but seems to have some good chapters.
Todd has a post about Autonomous Database and Functions.. again! Seems everything is easier now after some months have passed.
Git repo on building an API with Docker, Kubernetes Cluster and API Gateway. Really nice information overall on building complex setup. And Cloud Shell used as well!
Eli Schilling from Oracle tells us about Development Models in this video, it's about Infrastructure as Code.

Tip of the week

So this was announced on Thursday - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Center. We've been missing a central place for important documentation and I think they are onto something with this! AWS has had similar content available to make deployments easier so cool to see Oracle coming up with similar things as well.


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