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Well well, after OOW London rather slow week but still something to share. Preview version of Oracle Database 20c is now available on VM DB systems. Oracle NoSQL Cloud is now available in OCI as a service and if you are using File Storage Service you can now mount your file system under subdirectories and not on root level anymore.

Since there isn't much content this week I won't spam your email with useless info, just the ones with some value!

New Features

Oracle 20c is available for VM DB Systems, note you need to deploy it with LVM version if you want to take a look on it.
File Storage Service now let's you mount file system you have on any sub directory you want instead of root.
As part of Oracle NoSQL Cloud February update it seems they have moved NoSQL Cloud under OCI and it's available at least under Zurich Region. Possibly more to come or already existing! I wish this would have been announced better.
Container engine for Kubernetes now supports version 1.15.7. If that's your thing!

Blogs & News

End-to-end monitoring on applications running in OCI. It's part two so if you missed first part you can find that one here.
Another end-to-end post from A-team. This time about security on OCI using Functions, WAF and API Gateway. Did they get February task to write about end-to-end stuff? It's really good post though!
Post about end-to.. No wait! It's about extending Oracle Blockchain Events with OCI. There are three parts for it, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Tip of the week

Check the Quick Actions available after you login to OCI Console. Many things you can do quickly and get things rolling!
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