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Nice updates this week! Autonomous Database - Shared private endpoints came out, this means you can access them now straight from your VCN.

If you are planning to up your skills check tip of the week too!

New Features

Autonomous Database - Shared has now private endpoints, why is this a big thing? Earlier you had to do some extra magic to access ADB-S but now you can do it really easily by configuring a private endpoint. That way traffic will flow within your VCN to ADB-S and you don't need even a public subnet!
Autonomous Exadata Dedicated Infrastructure now supports X8 shapes, half rack and quarter rack available. This actually has two updates included, X8 shapes and then half rack deployment possibility!
Oracle Functions service is now integrated with Notifications. Here is an example scenario on this feature.
And for Autonomous Database - Dedicated you can now restart your ADB-D database with a single-click! I don't actually know how you did it earlier.. with two?

Blogs & News

Detailed blog post from Oracle about private endpoints with ADB-S. This should get you up to speed with the feature!
Martin has another post on Foggy Kitchen about Terraform and OCI, this time on Transit VCNs!
Since 20c Database came out on OCI here is Julian's post on handy new features it has.
Here is part 3 of end-to-end monitoring of applications running on OCI. You read the earlier posts last week so now you can continue!
Richard has video on using Terraform with Resource Discovery on OCI.
Here is more about Functions and integration with Notifications! Now you start to get more and more power on OCI when you deploy solutions where you can leverage serverless architectures.
Handy PDF if you need to share platform overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to somebody.
Trent has handy post how to iterate OCI CLI list in bash. Nice and useful examples if you are one of those CLI people!
Another CLI post, this time from Oracle. How to easily provision multiple instances using CLI.
And Christoph has post how to use CSV-files with Terraform, this is really useful! I'm one of those Terraform people!
OCI API Gateway Reference Architecture Diagram!

Tip of the week

Up your skills now with OCI Developer Certification!

Hats off to Oracle with this one, compared to OCI Professional certificate now they came out with good study guide and material from day 1 of certification availability. That's how you should do it!


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