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Few interesting features this week, like modifying your VM Database shape to a different one and a feature called Network Sources which is now only available for Object Storage but will probably expand later on.

Oh and a new region! Bienvenue YUL, ca-montreal-1!

New Features

You can now adjust shape of your VM Database instance. Some downtime will be involved but reboot should be a fairly quick action. Some limitations with RAC instances so be sure to check those!
Network Sources can be an IP address from your tenancy or from public Internet/corporate network which you configure on OCI to allow access to your services. Right now it supports only Object Storage.
New region, ca-montreal-1 is available! It's located in Montreal, Canada! And un-surprisingly has one Availability Domain for starters.
When setting up VPN Connect there is new option now with CPE helper. This will provide assistance based on which CPE device is being used.

Blogs & News

Want to understand more about compartments, then this post is for you! Gives good overview of compartment strategy.
Martin didn't wait, here is post on deploying Autonomous Database using private endpoints and Terraform!
Todd has a video about using Oracle Streaming and deploying your first Stream on OCI.
Another video about OCI and VMware which runs under 10 minutes so if VMware is your thing give it a go!
Oracle Cloud Developer Certification is now available! And OCI Cloud Foundations certification! At the same time they announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure training is free! This should make user adaptation in the long term so much easier.
Upcoming VCN Flow Logs - you probably want to use the logs somewhere, so why not Splunk?
We've heard about OCI Data Science but has anyone actually used it? Apparently so, read this post!
Migrating AWS S3 backup to OCI Object Storage using Storage Gateway in between.
Kiran from A-Team has post about Traffic Management Steering policies.
Sometimes you need to use VNC on OCI, how to do it securely?
Another A-Team post, about transfer rates on IPSec VPN over Internet. This team is providing quality posts each week!

Tip of the week

This weeks tip is to Twitter. Check these couple tweets from Çetin Ardal about naming convention and how tagging is related to that. So much excellent info on few lines!!


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