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Hopefully the whole OCI community and families are doing fine all over the world during these challenging times. Let's hope for positive news upcoming weeks.

Slow week on OCI features and posts as well but still something interesting.

New Features

Additional metrics if you are using Autonomous Database - Dedicated. Previously you didn't have much available but now some more options.
Now you can purchase Exadata or Autonomous Database and pay minimum of 48 hours! Previously you had to pay for one month so this is good change and brings more capabilities.
Previously your DB system had to be on UTC timezone but now you can choose what timezone it runs on, yes!
All those policies you need for Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes? You don't need to define those anymore but they are automatically created in your tenancy.

Blogs & News

Here is post about OS Management Service. I think it's really nice service which hopefully starts to get more used by everyone.
Andrei goes back to basics, how to create SSH tunnel to private subnet using a bastion (jump) server.
Martin is on a spree with his posts! This time on deploying Data Guard instance with Terraform.
You can use Siri with OCI as well, check how you can use it with OKE cluster!
Another A-team post, about SSH config and self closing tunnels when you are connecting to OCI.

Tip of the week

Richard mentions in his blog that his colleague Javier has built OCI Monitor app for Android now. So if managing your compute instances via phone is your thing.. then!


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