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Here we are, mostly spending time indoors so let's take a look what new things we have within OCI community! Go through couple articles from this week and don't get bored.

Surprisingly quite many blog posts as well, I'll try to write one next week as well!

New Features

Autonomous Database - Dedicated (ADB-D) supports now automatic CPU scaling! This was one feature it was lacking compared to shared infrastructure.
Cloning across container databases is now also supported with ADB-D.
If you have planned maintenance coming up then Virtual Machine Databases can now be manually restarted and that will be the only downtime you will require for the maintenance.
You can now monitor your Kubernetes clusters, nodes and pods with Container Engine for Kubernetes Metrics OCI with Monitoring Service.

Blogs & News

Martin has a video and code for creating sub-compartments on OCI with Terraform, good stuff!
Another one from Martin, update to his older post to support single AD region!
Richard has a post about on how Elastic is Oracle Cloud. Good detailed post with comparison.
Rodrigo posts about issues with specific policy, IAM - the thing we all love and hate! Right?
Another one from him, this time about consolidating multiple IDCS providers to a single one, something which is coming more and more common to come up with.
Guillermo connects Libreswan VPN to OCI.
Christoph says something about tagging and querying them by OCI-CLI!
Some possibilities with Oracle Functions and automating your IT Operations with it.
How to install SQLcl (which is missing by default!) to your OCI Cloud Shell by Lucas.

Question of the week

Something new for a change! From now on I'll post a question of the week which I will answer week after. Just to make you think and find the answer if you don't know it.

What is the method of peering two VCN's on different regions and what limitation you have with it?


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